Saturday, August 05, 2006

Natural Habitat

One of Roadchick's favorite blog writers, Crazy Aunt Purl, mentioned once that she loves to see where other writers live, their natural habitat, as it were.

Roadchick agrees. This is fun of the highest level - to be able to "see" where someone lives and writes. She imagines this is why MTV's Cribs is so popular. Or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Now, the 'chick cannot claim enough fame and riches to warrant a spot with Lifestyles, and she isn't musical enough to warrant time on Cribs, so, Patient Reader, instead. . .

Welcome to Bloghomes of the Poor and Aspiring!

The 'chick lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area. (Note to crazy stalkers: Roadchick is poor. And crazy. And possibly armed with guns. And an attack cat. And, apparently, a toilet that will BITE you!)

Attack cat

In the interest of maintaining at least the impression of security and not-stupidness, Roadchick will not show you the outside of her house. It's a typical Tennessee house of the new construction variety. Brick. (Note to crazy stalkers: with an electric security fence. And laser-guided weapons.)

Roadchick has moved through many, many phases in interior decorating. When she first moved out on her own, the house that she lived in was basically, a Florida beach shack. Except it wasn't on the beach. (High shackiness, low beachiness) This house lent itself to a "country" style of decor. The fact that Roadchick and the now-former Mr. Roadchick were flat BROKE and relied on the kindness of relatives also influenced the "country" decor. Roadchick suspects that she would not have purchased the dark brown velour hide-a-bed sofa in the Early American Style if it had been up to her. Still, free, and better than sitting on the floor. To complement her "country" house, Roadchick developed an unnatural affection for cows. Black and white cows. (Shut up, she was 18.) And "country" blue. And...things of that nature.

(Although, Patient Reader, Roadchick did have [and still has] a kick-ass collection of antique tins. . .old tobacco tins, baking powder, etc.)

When she first moved to TN, she lived in an apartment and unfortunately, the whole country thing continued. However, the Early American sofa did not make the trip. Thank goodness. But now, things shifted a little. Cows were still entertaining but not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as sunflowers and watermelon. After all - Tennessee! Country music! Mountains! Country girl! Low decorating budget! Walmart!

Shut up.

No, really.

Moving to a house in TN, the 'chick started to come into her own. The country decor was slowly pared down and Roadchick discovered that she liked things a little more minimalistic and not quite so fussy and frou-frou and needing to be dusted. There were more earth colors, stone, and smooth lines.

Now, Patient Reader, do not take this to mean that she had free rein because the now former Mr. Roadchick had ideas of his own with regard to decorating. And, it tried the 'chick's patience. For, you see, his idea of interior decorating was to put the "good" Harley mirror in the living room. Roadchick has nothing against Harley mirrors. But perhaps not in the living room. A den, sure. An office, maybe. The garage, possibly.

When the now former Mr. Roadchick packed his U-Haul and left, he took the Harley mirrors and Roadchick started considering her options.

The change was gradual. With her first income tax refund, she went living room furniture shopping. And fell in love. Head over heels in love.

With what, you ask?

Mid-Century Modern. With an unholy affection for vintage barware. And anything martini-related.

Roadchick suspects that she belonged in the 50's and 60's. This is what she found:

Over time, it's evolved but the 'chick has to say that right now, at this very moment in time, her habitat definitely reflects her style and personality and she absolutely LOVES it.

She had always suspected that she really, really liked black and white photography, especially of nature and architecture. It turned out to be true! Imagine that!

She had always suspected that she might be a little "quirky". And when she started finding tacky souvenir crap from the 60s, it was proven to be true. But, people, how could she NOT bring home the four monkeys? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and have no fun? A souvenir of Las Vegas, Nevada? She could no more leave those monkeys languishing in the hot noonday sun of a yard sale than she could sprout wings and fly. Or those funny little plates with witty little sayings: "I'm not a fast cook; I'm not a slow cook, I'm a half-fast cook." (Say it out loud if you're not gettin' it.) Deliciousness. And quirky. Very, very quirky.

So, Patient Reader, hopefully that will help you envision where the 'chick is when she's writing to you. You will be able to imagine her in the wild.

Actually, there is one more picture that the 'chick will share with you. It is her daytime habitat at work. Well, part of it - the other part is inside her car but you can't see that until she cleans it up a little. But, Roadchick digresses. Here is the Roadchick's office:

Be sure to tune in next time when Roadchick will . . . well, there's just no telling what you might wind up with next time.


Jennifer said...

ok, I love to read your blog! you make me laugh every time! & your attack cat is so darling.

laurie said...

Ok, you had me at "Attack Cat" !!!