Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Road Food

Heather tagged the 'chick for the local food meme, and since it was easier than coming up with an entry on her own, the 'chick is playing along.

1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you. Include the city/state and country you’re in.
Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Olivia (London, England)
ML (Utah, USA)
Lotus (Toronto, Canada)
tanabata (Saitama, Japan)
Andi (Dallas [ish], Texas, United States)
Todd (Louisville, Kentucky, United States)
miss kendra (los angeles, california, u.s.a)
Jiggs Casey (Berkeley, CA, USA! USA! USA!)
Tits McGee (New England, USA)
Kat (Ontario, Canada)
Cheezy (London, England)
Paula (Orange County, California, U.S.)
Jeff (Colorado, USA)
Fringes (around Houston, US)
Tera (Somewhere In KY by way of OH, USA)
heather (upstate new york, usa)
Roadchick (Nashville, TN, USA)

2. List your top five local eating places.

1. Waffle House. At least once per weekend. Open 24 hrs. No additional charge for the floor show.

2. River View Restaurant & Marina (no link available). Located on the Cumberland River in Ashland City, TN, this place serves some of the best catfish the 'chick has ever eaten. Their marina is also where the river tour boat docks for a 90 minute sightseeing cruise of the Cumberland River. Good times, y'all.

3. Sitar. The BEST Indian restaurant in Nashville. The chicken tikka masala makes the 'chick weep with gratitude. The firni (flavored custard milk pudding with pistachios and almonds) and kheer (rice pudding flavored with cardamom) is the perfect ending to a blazing hot meal.

4. Olive Garden. Yeah, it's a chain. But when you're needing some Italian comfort food, there's nothing better. The salad and breadsticks are delicious. It's a carb-fest and the 'chick is not ashamed, damn it!

5. Frank's Hamburger (no link available). Located in Clarksville, TN, Frank's was knocked flat during a tornado that hit downtown Clarksville. Frank was discovered by rescue teams still in the destroyed restaurant, sitting on a box, drinking a cup of coffee. Local business owners could not contemplate a world without Frank's and donated the money to rebuild. This is possibly one of the best cheeseburgers ever. Nothing fancy here - sit at the counter, order, eat, and get the hell out because the doors close at 2 p.m. But it's a tradition, and you should partake of traditions whenever you can.

The 'chick is not going to tag anyone, but if you're interested in joining the herd, feel free. Let the 'chick know in comments so she can come check out where YOU like to eat.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Darlings, Auntie Roadchick has been neglecting you and she knows it. She has the shame and embarrassment over her lack of communication. Of course she has wonderful reasons for her absence, but the truth of the matter is - the 'chick has sucked lately at keeping her little corner of Blogistan updated and current.

To those that have wondered - yes, Rockboy is alive and well and even manages to escape his closet from time to time. He took Girlfriend to the prom a couple of weekends ago and footed the bill for the whole excursion. The 'chick took him to pick up his tux at the rental place and he went into the cubicle to try it on. Apparently the person that measured him had just come back from his afternoon crack break because the pants were three inches too small in the waist. This led the tux man to inform the 'chick that new pants could be delivered but it would be late in the afternoon before they arrived. Needless to say, the 'chick did not accept this news very well. Not very well at all. And led to discussions (somewhat heated on the 'chick's part) regarding time factors and discounts and just generally losing her rabbit-ass mind in full view of the tuxedo-renting public. Redneck had wisely decided to just stay at home and have a nap while the 'chick ran this little errand. He was torn between being glad he missed it and hating the fact that he missed it. He should know by now - nap in the car. You never know what might happen.

Redneck took the 'chick to the Renaissance Festival last weekend and a good time was had by all. The 'chick is not one to dress up in a costume, mainly because she is too cheap to buy one - a gorgeous little number was for sale - for $568.00. Shoes not included. But there was shopping and eating and watching the entertainers and talking to different people and taking pictures (still in the camera) and betting on the joust. Fun times.

Always several weeks behind the times, (writing about the Ren Fest reminded her) - wasn't it so cool that the Queen of England was at the Kentucky Derby? Kid Rock was also at the Kentucky Derby. Roadchick plans on being at the Kentucky Derby next year.

The Job has been absolutely insane. Off-the-chain crazy. People getting fired, people quitting, people getting pregnant and planning maternity leaves (no, not the 'chick although it looks like that might be the ONLY way she is going to GET a vacation this year) . . . so far this month, the 'chick has driven approximately 4 gazillion miles between three different offices.

And, on the homefront, there is something very seriously wrong.

If you eating, you may want to skip this part.

The 'chick has been doing Spring Cleaning.

Why? There is no good answer for that. Possibly in preparation to paint the walls some other color than "Resale White". The 'chick and Rockboy have lived in this house for 6 years. It's time to paint.

The painter man came over on Tuesday to give the 'chick an estimate on painting the living room and front hallway. The living room has 14 foot ceilings that the 'chick can't reach which is why she wants someone with tall ladders to do it.

The cost?

$900.00 and three days.

After picking her jaw up off the floor, the 'chick declined. It does NOT take three days. After the first day, the other two days will be spent watching cable and checking out what's in the fridge, freezer, pantry, and the 'chick's "special" drawer. And for $900.00, there had better be a hot dinner on the table when the 'chick gets home.

And it better be served by someone a whole lot more attractive than painter man.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Manic Monday

The Universe is trying the 'chick's patience today.

Things that shouldn't be that big of a deal are causing the 'chick to grit her teeth and take many, many deep breaths to clear the red fog of rage that is threatening to erupt and kill the Stupid Ones.

The State requested information to follow up on some things found during a routine review of a client's chart. This is a standard happening and not a big deal. The 'chick responded, because that is her job.

One issue that was raised regarded hearing loss.

An extensive, sedated hearing test was performed. Diagnosis? Neural hearing loss. No response to stimuli.

The State, in its infinite wisdom, emailed the 'chick back.

"Does this mean that nothing can be done?"

The 'chick's imagined response: Nothing can be done unless the Lord Jesus comes down from heaven and lays hands upon the client. He is deaf. As the previous response very clearly stated.

The 'chick's real response was nicer and kinder and involved a lot of technical jargon.

The 'chick's imagined response was much more direct and to-the-point.

Idiots, just lookin' for death.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Fiddlin' on a Friday

Sorry about the over-lappage on the sidebar, but the snow leopard is so seriously tough that the 'chick decided to leave it alone.

You can click on the picture and it will take you to the movie's website where you can discover your own daemon. The 'chick didn't know anything at all about this movie until she clicked on someone else's daemon, but now she is ridiculously excited that this movie is coming out in December.

Still busy as hell for work.

Still exhausted and so, so glad it's Friday.

Rockboy's prom is tomorrow so there will be festivities for the prom-going couple. He rented a tux (with his OWN money) and bought girlfriend a corsage (with his OWN money).

Roadchick and Redneck are hoping for a quiet weekend, hopefully spent watching movies and just relaxing for awhile. Oh wait - that falls into the BORING category, but to be honest, boring is all that the 'chick has energy for right now. It's entirely possible that a med adjustment is needed because the last time she was this tired, it turned out her thyroid was out of whack and she needed to start taking some meds. Well, that kind of fell into the TMI category, didn't it?

Here's hoping you have a fabulous weekend, no matter what you choose to do.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Typhoid Michael

Michael, over at
Cardiac Fantasies, has come down with pneumonia. Pneumonia good enough to land him in the hospital for a little vacation.

Y'all send him a little love & good wishes.

Michael, if they break out the "good" drugs, you'd better call the 'chick.

Or else.