Saturday, March 11, 2006

What the....?

So, I had a date tonight with one of the guys that I met on eHarmony. This is the second time that I've seen him and he's a nice guy. The thing that makes me wonder is why would you ask someone out and not give a thought to the fact that it's Saturday night in a reasonably large city and think that you're just going to walk into a restaurant at 7:00? Everything had a minimum of a 2 hour wait. Ok. On to plan B.

We went to the movies. I don't pay a lot of attention to what is playing at the movies but maybe I should start. We wound up seeing Date Movie because it was starting in a few minutes. This is the lamest movie I have ever seen. I don't really like those kind of movies anyway and this was a compilation of every bad date movie ever made from A Big Fat Greek Wedding to When Harry Met Sally and it even had a little Austin Powers thrown in. I admit I was more amused by the previews. I recommend Robin Williams' new movie, RV, when it comes out.

We finally ate dinner after the movie and it was all right. Not anything extra, but all right. When we left the restaurant at Megaopolis Mall, he said he figured he was going to head home AND THEN LEFT ME TO WALK THE MILE TO MY CAR ON MY OWN. I know that I was shaking my head in amazement all the way back to the car.

Guys, please, even if the date sucked - walk the female back to her car, especially at night, especially in the city.


Friday, March 10, 2006

They like me...they really, really like me

So, I've been doing the eHarmony thing. No, it's not because I'm a sad loser who can't find a date. Well, ok, yes, in a way it is. But, y'all - I work in an office full of women and the single guys that I know are single for a REASON!

I signed up at the end of January and since then, I've been on at least 10 dates and everyone that I've met has been really nice. Have I found my true love yet? No, not yet, but there are some possibilities there. Will you be seeing me in a commercial anytime soon? Who knows? Has it been worth it? Definitely.

But here's the thing - I don't know a damn thing about adult dating. I know about high school dating. I did a lot of that. I know about getting married - I did that a year out of high school. So, my expectations are probably off. I don't know how much contact to expect from a guy that I seem to have hit it off with. If it's not to the serious one-on-one dating stage, how often should I expect to hear from him? I talked to some of my single girl friends and the consensus seems to be: expect nothing and you will not be disappointed.

And - how often does one call a guy? Is it a reciprocal thing? Is it too forward to call guys? Do they feel threatened? I'm sure I don't know so for the time being, I'm resorting to an occasional text message if I think it's been too many days without contact. If there is no response to that, then I just stop. Yes, I know that people are busy and I also know that a lot of these guys are just as confused as I am.

Where are the RULES, people? Someone write out some damn rules and post them somewhere.

And what is up with guys emailing, emailing, emailing; calling, calling, calling - then taking you out - and then....nothing. Now, I understand the "there's no chemistry there" thing, and that's fine. But, lord, y'all - just SAY so. Don't just disappear like Houdini.

All that said, it's been wonderful and if any of y'all are single and having a hard time to find someone to go out with, try it. I've met some wonderful people and it's really made it easier for me to talk to people I don't know since I'm getting so much practice at it.