Sunday, April 02, 2006

In Which We Learn to Follow the 5 P's

The eHarmony thing? I've learned something about myself. After answering the same question 40 kajillion times, it gets old and very deja vu. If I have to tell one more man my "3 wishes for the future" or "3 relationship skills that I possess" I may actually fall right off the deep end.

This is not eHarmony's fault. Apparently, I should have already found "the one" and then I wouldn't have to type the same things over and over again. I'm still meeting some really nice guys though and that is why I'm trying to put a fresh spin on what is basically the same answer.

What else?

Oh - the time change. Y'all, this messes me up every year. I woke up feeling all virtuous about being awake at 8:00 on a Sunday, especially after being up until 2 am and then I realized that I forgot to roll the clocks forward.

I was on vacation this past week. Vacationing at home, no matter HOW good they make it look in the ladies magazines touting budget-friendly tips such as stuffing throw pillows with dryer lint or making Halloween costumes from lawn&leaf bags and used meat trays. Y'all, vacationing at home sucks. This was due to my failure to follow the Principle of the 5 P's.


But, I had a lot of vacation days that I had to use up or I was going to lose them. And I have a 16 year old on Spring Break that would have been on the phone to me every 10 minutes all week long wanting to go do something and could I please drive home (30 miles) to give him a ride? And pick up all his friends? And buy them all lunch because they're starving? People, I stayed home.

We did go to Chattanooga one day.....and there are stories there.....and I will share them....soon.