Monday, November 10, 2008

It's NOT Fair!

I have managed to catch a cold.
That makes it sound like I've done something really difficult - like catching a fairy with a snare set with moonbeams and marshmallows. Or a 10 pound bass with yarn and a safety pin.
Actually, I think it should be the other way around: A cold has managed to catch me.

Let's rewind just a bit.

Remember a few weekends ago, when Redneck and I went to Gatlinburg for the weekend? And we went poking around in dusty old buildings up on Cades Cove and I got a sinus infection? Remember?

I went to the doctor and got fixed up with some antibiotics and just finished them - YESTERDAY.

Now, I know that antibiotics don't mean a damn thing when it comes to colds since colds are viruses. That is not the point of this.

The point of all this is: IT'S NOT FAIR. I was just sick. Now I'm sick again. And at the end of the virus-y cold part, I will develop a sinus infection laden with bacteria that will need to be treated yet again with antibiotics, that I just finished taking.

And, of course, I have a crushing schedule this week with absolutely no time built in for inconvenient things like illness. I'm desperately trying to shuffle things around to fit it all into four days instead of five because I'm working from home today to keep the contagion to myself. My co-workers have threatened me with death before for coming into work while sick and I don't want to go see clients and possibly make them sick OR (huge possibility) pick up something else from one of them who caught a bug somewhere.

It's cold and flu season, darlings. Use your hand sanitizer. Sure wish I had.


"Sunshine" said...

Hey Roadchick--I hope you get better soon! I developed something that could have been a cold or allergies--I never can tell the difference--a few weeks back. I drank tons of water, and it cleared up quicker than usual. Don't know if this will help you or not, but I thought I'd pass it along, anyway. Feel better!

Susan said...

I should have stopped and got a flu shot while I was at the doctor. Ugh.

Roadchick said...

Sunshine~ Thanks for the advice & well-wishes. I know that water helps keep congestion down, so it sure can't hurt!

Susan~ I never get a flu shot (she said, sneezing delicately) because I'm convinced they make people sick.

heather said...

yeah, no. it's not fair. don't feel guilty about forgetting the hand sanitizer though, i'm sick too and i've been using the sanitizer religiously. hot tea by the gallon and to bed early for me. feel better soon chicky.