Monday, January 12, 2009

No, Really

Yes, Patient Reader, I do know that it is January and the holidays have been over for a little while.

But, see, I forgot to tell y'all this, what with being so outraged about Redneck's "your roots are showing" comment.

We unwrap our presents to each other on Christmas Eve. Rockboy and Skaterboy are there as well.

Redneck, bless his heart, has gotten me exactly what I wanted and had been dropping very obvious hints for during the past 5 weeks. He got me a Nintendo DS. He got me a little carrying case. He got me games. He did good.

I was sloooowly unwrapping the DS, stretching it out, because present-opening time never lasts long enough. (I personally think it should last for HOURS.)

I finally get the paper off and I'm smiling and saying thank you. I'm reaching for the next package . . . and then it happens.

Skaterboy is watching since he's ripped through his pile of loot in 3.2 seconds.

He looks up at me and says, "Daddy was playing with that the other day."

At this point, Redneck gets a guilty look on his face.

Skaterboy continues, "He got it out from under the tree, unwrapped it, unwrapped one of the games, opened it, played with it for a really long time, then put that stuff back into the boxes and re-wrapped them and stuck them back under the tree."

Me: stunned silence.

Redneck: You would never have known that if Skaterboy hadn't told you.

Me: Um, yes I would have. The game would be out of its shrinkwrap.

Redneck: You wouldn't have noticed that.

Later on, it's finally a little quiet and I can play with my new toy. I stick the unwrapped game in and turn it on. My name came up as the player.

I leaned over and showed it to Redneck.

"I may not have noticed that the game wasn't shrinkwrapped, but I think I would've noticed that apparently, my DS is psychic and knows it's me."

"At least I put YOUR name in and not mine."

"You're right. That totally makes it ok."

(And actually, it was ok, but still very funny. Especially since he got caught.)


heather said...

skaterboy gave up some damn good blackmail fodder. redneck got lucky. :)

all he has to live down now is getting ratted out by a kid. could have been ~much~ worse.

Susan said...

What games do you have? I got my mom one for her birthday and have endlessly been playing old school Mario brothers and brain age 2 on it when I'm at her house.

Roadchick said...

Heather~ I have to consider very carefully how I'm going to use this information.

Susan~ MillionHeir is fantastic if you like finding the hidden pictures. Hotel Dusk, Rm. 215 has been fun, but I'm stuck at the moment. I've got Mario Bros., Iron Chef, Hell's Kitchen, and pinball. I've also got a couple of used games that I got at Gamestop but I haven't really played those yet. I LOVE my DS. LOVE IT. Especially because there are games for grown-ups.