Monday, June 01, 2009

Weddin' Nonsense

So, there's the dress that I'll be wearing whenever it is that Redneck and I finally tie the knot. We don't have a date yet, mainly because it seems that one commitment at a time is enough for the poor darling. He's going to be surprised when I just tell him when it is.

Can I tell you how ridiculously happy this dress makes me? I love the net underskirt part that hangs below the skirt - so Lucy Ricardo! It's just frilly enough without being a giant meringue of a dress.

The jackety thing may stay or it may go, depending on how the dress looks with a sheer pashima wrap that a co-worker has kindly offered to lend me. I'm not much on sleeveless so one or the other is going to be worn.

Since both of us have been married before, neither of us wanted the huge wedding with attendants and all that fuss. We were actually thinking about just going to the mountains by ourselves and getting married there.

Then, I got the phone call. From my mother.
(For those of you who have read Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, the Mother-of-Roadchick closely resembles Vivi except for the drinking and fun.)

Mother: Are you making plans yet?
'chick: For what?
Mother: Um, your WEDDING.
'chick: Oh. No. Not really. All I have to do is show up.
Mother: Hmph.
'chick: What?
Mother: Well, I certainly HOPE that you intend to get married in a church somewhere.
'chick: Well, no, that wasn't really the plan.
Mother: I'm sure that Pastor Smith would be happy to marry you at the church in town.
'chick: Why? I don't attend.
Mother: He would do it for your BROTHER.
'chick: Brother didn't even get married there. He got married in Vegas.
Mother: We are not talking about that.
'chick: Yes we were.
Mother: No, we were not. You need to give some serious thought to this.
'chick: Ok.

I seriously thought about it for two seconds and then dismissed it completely. I got married in a church last time. It wasn't really what I wanted then and it's not what I want now. I don't have a thing in the world against church, but it's not where I want to get married. Vivi hasn't brought it up again, but she will, when I'm least expecting it.

The fun part is going to be when she finds out that I've already got the dress. I wasn't actually looking for a dress but I found it, loved it, and bought it. No other shopping required. Vivi loves shopping. I do not. I knew when I put it on that it was The One. Vivi would've made me leave it there to hit eleventy-seven other stores to try on sixty-seven other dresses that made me miserable only to go back and buy the one that I knew was The One from the start.

Maybe I'll get her to take me shopping for shoes. . .


heather said...

georgous dress! (and i'm ~so~ not a dress kinda girl)
tell 'vivi' that you've decided to marry in god's original church. then laugh your ass off inside when she realises that it just may involve bug spray.
stick to your guns chic, or you could end up with a 'pepto hall of fame' kinda wedding.
as for the date, pick a date you like and just send redneck the invitation. he'll be there, don't worry about that. :)

Roadchick said...

Heather~ I know - I'm a much stronger personality than I was the first time around. 20 years (?!?!?!) will do that to you.

Susan said...

I already commented on my love for this dress!! I've always swore I'd just run off and elope when I get married. Saying this has repeatedly brought my mother to tears.

T. Mininni-Totin said...

I love that dress! It's beautiful, flowing and touches upon a different era. Is it vintage?

The only things that I remember about my wedding day are all the Italian food my mother proudly put out for our guests, my father shedding tears of joy as he gave me away, and Better Half looking pale as he stood next to the minister. It was an outdoor affair, with very few people in attendance. Pure bliss!

Roadchick said...

Susan~ Yeah, that's what makes it difficult & what I'm running into here.

T.~ No, it's not vintage but it sure does look like it and I LOVE it. (Did I mention that I LOVE it?) I think this time around, small is the way to go. There's other stuff I'd rather spend money on.

Marion said...

Fabulous dress. Love the not-meringue comment and I totally agree. It's not meringue-ish a bit. Not one single minute of sticky.