Friday, June 23, 2006

No Riders

Well folks, Roadchick is driving solo at the moment. The Man has a lot of stuff going on both personally and professionally so he's needing a little bit of space. This little development threw Roadchick - she was not expecting it, but it's all right.

So, to keep from unproductive brooding and sulking over the turn of events, Roadchick indulged in a little bit of retail therapy to get her over the hump.

She probably hasn't mentioned it before, but Roadchick is also a Knitter. So, to Stitch&Bitch she went and snagged some Sugar&Cream dishcloth cotton at her favorite yarn store. Yes, Patient Reader, Roadchick is knitting warshrags. They're addictive. They are the crack cocaine of knitting because they're so easy and so fast and oh, so satisfying.

Roadchick admits to stealing the picture below from Sheila, the owner of the yarn store. But, in the interest of keepin' it real, Roadchick's latest excursion into the land of warshrags will be completed in hot pink and lime green with some white thrown in for good measure. Not just warshrags, y'all - preppy warshrags. So prep, they're ready for Harvard.

Picture it, y'all - PREPPY warshrags. GO TO HELL warshrags. Just like your daddy's golf pants.

And, Roadchick also picked up the pretty pink & white yarn she needed to put decorative edging on the bambino sweater she is knitting for an as of yet to be decided bebe. She had a bebe in mind, but right now, she is not sure if the previously designated bebe will get the sweater, mainly because there is another man involved with that (it's his daughter that is pregnant) and he is also a Very Busy Man and very Wrapped Up In His Children And Their Various Activities And Pursuits. So, if Roadchick is feeling generous and the correct phone call comes when the finishing stitches are being put in, then the bebe shall have a pretty pink and white sweater.

And, speaking of bebes - Roadchick has to go to a baby shower this weekend. Roadchick hates showers of any kind be they baby, wedding, housewarming - it does not matter. She LOATHES them. So, on her way home tonight, if she remembers, Roadchick will fly into her local Target and grab some kind of baby gear and a gift bag and be done with the whole horrible project.

And after that? Hanging out with her friends, finally going to see DaVinci Code, eating some dinner, drinking some drinks, and playing some cards. And in her spare moments, knitting. But what Roadchick will NOT be doing is waiting for the phone to ring.