Sunday, June 11, 2006


Y'all, it's been a busy, busy few weeks in Roadchick's life. (Which explains the lack of posting - there hasn't been time to write about it since she was out experiencing it! And all for YOU, Patient Reader, for YOU!)

Roadchick has been to Dukesfest 2006. What is Dukesfest 2006 you ask? It is only THE premier gathering of Dukes of Hazzard fans in the world! It is also really frightening to realize that there are that many caution-orange tshirts with the big "01" & General Lee printed on the front. And who knew that you practically needed one to get through the gates? Not Roadchick. She does not own a General Lee tshirt. She still does not own a General Lee tshirt. Toward the end, her resolve was wavering but she escaped without buying one.

And, at Dukesfest, there were 101 General Lees. The cars, not the tshirts. But, people, tell Roadchick if she's right or not - if you've seen one General Lee, you've pretty much seen them all. The same for the Hazzard County sheriff's cars. But, ladies - there was only ONE replica of Daisy Duke's jeep, Dixie. Roadchick knows why this is - the entire world has forgotten the existence of the Dixie. Roadchick knows this is the truth because until she saw the Dixie, she had forgotten it existed.

Roadchick, the Man, and her son took all of this in in about 30 minutes and then headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for refreshments and dinner. Roadchick and the Man were thankful that the tickets had been given to them for free because to have paid for all that Dukeness would have been....silly. There was nothing to actually DO there, other than walk around and look at General Lees.

Yes, Patient Reader, there IS a Man. The Man has been around for about 6 weeks and so far, so good. Roadchick and the Man have a lot in common and like to do a lot of the same things - even down to Club ADHD.

What is Club ADHD, you ask? Club ADHD is the inability to stay in the same club longer than it takes to finish exactly ONE beer. After one beer, one must get up and move on down the road to the next venue. It is permissable to return to an establishment that was entertaining but one is not allowed to remain for longer than one beer because that causes boredom to set in. This could be a match made in heaven. Well, eHarmony heaven. Thank you Dr. Neil Clark Warren.

What else? Allow Roadchick to consult her list of adventures. . .

Roadchick and the Man went to a radio interview of Ronnie Milsap. More precisely, "An Intimate Evening with Eddie Stubbs and Ronnie Milsap". Y'all, let Roadchick just say...Ronnie Milsap is an amazing man. Roadchick knew less than nothing of Ronnie Milsap other than he was a blind piano player that did country music. Roadchick could not have told you a song that he did if her life depended upon it. But, Roadchick has joined the brethren. Ronnie Milsap has converted her.

He was AMAZING. (Did Roadchick mention that already???) He told the audience of about 300 people that he would be glad to stay until everyone that wanted to meet him or have their picture taken with him had had the chance to do that. "Why do y'all think I wore this shirt?" AMAZING. And he was really nice and funny. Oh, and the piano? The man can flat PLAY the piano now. Roadchick was stunned into silence.

The same night that Roadchick joined the Ronnie Milsap Brethren, she also saw Wheatus (of "Teenage Dirtbag" radio fame) at a little small club. That was completely painted black inside. With nowhere for anyone to sit. Although the "management" did provide two barstools for the old folks to sit on. These were considerately placed against the sound booth for maximum vibration to all internal organs. Roadchick was glad to go home afterward. Although, she can now say that she saw Wheatus perform "Teenage Dirtbag" live and in person.

What? You want to hear more about Ronnie Milsap? Stay tuned, Patient Reader - there is another chapter to that story. . .