Monday, April 30, 2007

Roadchick's Last Name

Dear Patient Reader:

Yes, Roadchick has a last name, just like the Oscar Mayer jingle says. And, apparently, her last name is BORING.

Some of it can be attributed to spring fever. Some of it falls into the category of: Insanely Busy at Work. Unfortunately, most of it is due to her last name.

Roadchick is boring.

Roadchick didn't used to be boring. Past blog posts attest to that. She used to be witty and fun and amusing. There was always something going on. Sometimes it was even legal.


Now, Roadchick is the equivalent of an old married lady without the old or married part. Being in a relationship has evidently (somewhat) tamed the 'chick. Roadchick and Redneck have settled into a routine of sorts, and it's comfortable and they like it and are too lazy to bother changing it much since everyone is happy.

There is . . . ~gasp~ stability.

And, boringness.

Maybe now that the weather has improved, Redneck and Roadchick will be getting out a little bit more. Maybe something interesting will happen. Maybe.

The suggestion box is open.


Susan said...

I was going to make a suggestion but now I have the song "I feel pretty" running through my head. I can't get past it.

mist1 said...

When I feel boring, I wear something inappropriate and go out in public.

briliantdonkey said...

If that is the definition of 'boring' then boring is very underated.

On another note: Thanks a freaking lot susan! If I am still humming that tune tomorrow when I wake up I am soooooo NOT going to be happy!


Michael Thomas said...

Get the hounds and lets go raccoon huntin!

Susan said...

BD: I was humming it. Misery loves company. lol

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Everytime I feel like thing's are getting boring, especially if I post about it, something very not boring happens. Hope it's a good not-boring thing coming your way;>

Pacian said...

I feel pretty, oh-so pretty...

No, wait, what was I going to say?

I don't like my last name. I hope to change it if I ever marry.

heather said...

pacian, skip the marriage, just change your name. trust me on this one. :-)

chic, you have a teenager. seems to me boring is a blessing right about now. but i do get what you mean. it sucks growing up doesn't it?

Pablo said...

I'm a big fan of boring, anybody can jump out of airplanes, wrastle a gator, or play a harmonica with their bunghole. It takes an adventurer to sit still in the stench of boredom.