Thursday, October 18, 2007

They're Trying To Kill The 'Chick

So, there was a meeting today. In a town 2 hours from the 'chick's "home" office. And there were storms. And traffic sucked. And it took almost 4 hours with the rain and traffic.

And the other day? The 'chick woke up with a stiff neck. This morning? The 'chick woke up with the same stiff neck, only worse. Actually, it was worser. A hot shower helped briefly. 800 mg of Advil helped a little longer, but not long enough.

Anyway. The meeting took all day. Lunch was involved.

Let's just say the 'chick is very, very thankful to be home now.

So, the pictures above. Left - the state of the 'chick's stomach. Right - wishing for a neck brace.

Is the bed spinning to y'all???


heather said...

ouch. i'm all for tie dye but not as a description for how your tummy is feeling. go see a dr if you're not feeling better in the morning.

Killer said...

You need to just get really drunk.

You never hear any homeless winos complaining about neck problems do you?

Susan said...

I have a neck brace I could loan you. I need something for my lower back pain..

Liz said...

I hate cricks in the neck. I once felt one coming on and had a 3 hour road trip and night in a motel ahead of me (no. I wasn't having an affair or anything). I went a masusse and she found a knot in my lower shoulder. She worked on that one spot for the entire hour. It helped tremendously. But my LOWER shoulder? Weird how things connect.