Friday, October 12, 2007

Ummmm. . .

The 'chick had something brilliantly funny to post.


She had it all thought out, thought to herself, "Is ________ (name since forgotten) going to blog about that too?"

And it was totally kick ass.

And, as you may have discovered by now - totally forgotten.

The 'chick kept thinking that it would come back to her, probably at some completely inappropriate time, like 3 a.m., but it has not.

Sorry. In the meantime, please to be enjoying some totally meaningless drivel.

It's car show season in Tennessee and that means Redneck and Roadchick have been busy every weekend since forever. It's a frenzy of activity, mostly for Redneck, while the 'chick is relegated to dusting the car. This is actually ok - and, the 'chick suspects, is a slightly G-rated version of the car washing scene in Cool Hand Luke. For Redneck, anyway. Bless his heart. Then, the 'chick gets to plop down in a lawn chair and knit or read until it's time to load everything back into the car and leave again. Fun times, y'all.


And, birthday wishes have to go out to Friendage. The 'chick has not forgotten. Check your email.


There is apparently a slumber party going on somewhere down the block. How does the 'chick know this, you ask? Is it her amazing psychic ability? Her x-ray vision? No, none of these, Patient Reader. The weather is cool enough for the windows to be open and she can hear preteen voices practicing their cheerleading in some backyard. Lordy mercy, slumber parties used to be fun. Staying up all night, eating a ton of junk food, watching scary movies and then playing Truth or Dare.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Susan said...

Ah truth or dare. I had a lot of my "firsts" due to that game..

heather said...

:-) i've forgotten more ideas for a post than i've written. hell, i've even started a post, saved the draft, gone back to it later only to realise that i have no freakin clue what the hell i was writing about in the first place.

Neil said...

Whatever the idea was... I'm sure it was hilarious.