Tuesday, March 25, 2008

. . .

To all the parents out there:

It never gets any easier to watch your child have his heart broken.

Rockboy and his long-time girlfriend broke up over the weekend and it has been one of the most painful things to witness EVER.

Does anyone ever really forget that instant of numb shock before the full body blow of pain crashes, feeling like it starts in the middle of the chest before radiating out to every point of the body?

How do you tell him (so that he really understands) that it DOES get better, that it's much better to get back into a routine as fast as possible (go to school, go to work, stay busy) than hiding under the covers even though that feels so safe?

You expect to stay up all night when your kids are babies - not when they are almost 19 - but you can't leave him alone when he hurts so badly and you're afraid that he might take off in his car or do something to hurt himself.

Advice to the lovelorn in comments. . .


Sheila said...

Lucky for him he has you for a Mom. I predict he'll be just fine.


heather said...

yeah, i remember. it sucks.

i wish i had words for you to give him but i don't. i don't relish the thought of going through this with cheeks but i know i will.

hugs for both of you.