Thursday, April 10, 2008


Lordy mercy, the 'chick is tired.

Why is she tired, you ask?

Well, Patient Reader, Roadchick is tired because she is the single parent of a teenaged boy, otherwise known as Rockboy.

Rockboy, perhaps under the effects of spring fever, or new love (there is a new girlfriend), or one too many vanilla cokes, took it upon himself to just leave school after lunch. Every day. For the past two weeks.

The school finally got around to calling the 'chick about it a couple days ago.

(Why did it take so long? Who knows. Not the 'chick.)

So, the 'chick and Rockboy had a real come-to-Jesus discussion on Tuesday night.

It seems that Rockboy just figured that since he didn't particularly enjoy art class, his time would be better spent at the skate park or at the new girlfriend's house.

And, according to Rockboy, it never occurred to him that there might be a problem with that. After all, he's 18, right? An adult. In The Eyes Of The Law. (Or so he informed the 'chick.)

And that, Patient Reader, was the exact moment when the 'chick went postal and let Rockboy know that there was not a jury in the world that would convict her for MURDERING her "adult" son.

Rockboy. The poster child for birth control.


heather said...

damn good at rebounding.
not to bright at skipping.
(every day for two weeks! what a novice. you gotta spread it out some.)
lucky to be alive and still living with mom.

Roadchick said...

Heather~ yes, good at the rebound but not too bright otherwise. And to think he'll be the one to choose my nursing home.

heather said...

why let him do the choosing? research them now and put in writing your list of requirements.

just don't forget to put down the wet bar and cabana boy. :-)

liz said...

He has NO idea, does he? I'm sorry.... teenagers must be one of Dante's levels of hell.

Susan said...

oh 'chick....If you didn't begin beating him immediately I'm proud. He'd be excused from art class due to lack of vision from 2 black eyes if in my hands..

Do people seriously wonder why I don't have kids?