Monday, April 21, 2008

Top This

This morning, the 'chick got up and was rather pleased that she had something new to wear to work today. A new top.

Soon after arriving at work, the 'chick had the following conversation with an employee from another company in the building:

Emp: So . . . are congratulations in order?

Roadchick, looking down: No, it's just a shirt.

Emp: Oh, I am sorry - those smock shirts look like maternity shirts.

Roadchick: The 'chick is planning a trip to Target after work and wants to park in the 'Expectant Mother' space right by the door.

Fucking clothing designers.


Coming soon!

A guest post by Eileen Cook, author of Unpredictable.

If y'all are looking for an entertaining read, this is your book:


heather said...

i knew nothing good could come from pregnant slaves to fashion who wanted to look cute and adorable while sporting proof of their sex life. they ruined casual attire for the rest of us.

Roadchick said...

Heather~ the 'chick is actually a little envious of the pregnant slaves - when Rockboy was on the way, the only choices were the t-shirt that said 'Baby on Board' or had teddy bears on them. No black. Nothing edgy. Nothing tight.