Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gone Crazy


It's a holiday weekend which means the 'chick was released from work early, at 1:00. This is good news.

The bad news is that when she got home, it was to a house full of teenagers.

The 'chick intended on coming home and doing some cleaning before the weekend officially got underway, especially since it seems like forever ago since she did a good cleaning.

It's very difficult to clean while teenagers are in the house. They move away from cleaning implements (natural avoidance) but wander back into just cleaned areas once the scary objects have gone away.

By scary objects, the 'chick means dust rags, vacuums, glass cleaner, etc.

So, after 2 hours, what is clean is the kitchen (since there is no food in the house, there is no reason for teenagers to go in there), the 'chick's bedroom and her bathroom.

The living room looks like Taco Bell at closing time.

The guest bathroom is like the boys' locker room after wrestling practice.

The dining room is passable (only because there are no electronic devices in there and there is no food in the kitchen).

And, the 'chick gives up. The urge has passed.

If they go away, there will be a quick wipedown of surfaces in the living room and the vacuum cleaner will be pushed around the carpeting.

The odds of them going away are slim because Rockboy's car is down for repairs following a catastrophic failure last week. Redneck is fixing it, but he's had to do it between maintaining his own paid employment. Fixing Rockboy's car does not constitute paid employment although Redneck would probably say that there are benefits to it.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Stay safe!


heather said...

dust rags, vacuums, glass cleaner, etc make husbands disappear too. the dust rags however attract the cats, which causes more need for the dust rags.

it's a vicious cycle isn't it?

have a good 4th!

Susan said...

Hope you had a great weekend!