Tuesday, June 24, 2008

At Odds

This morning, on the way to work, the 'chick was stopped at a red light coming off the interstate.

At this particular exit, the homeless tend to hang out from time to time, holding up signs.

The man this morning was dressed neatly and was holding a sign that said: "Please help if you can. God bless."

As the 'chick sat and waited for the light to change, the man stood up and walked away. When he was a little way down the sidewalk, he threw the sign down in the grass and kept going.

This has bothered the 'chick since she saw it - the throwing down of the sign, maybe because it was at such odds with the nice, polite message on the front. Kind of like, if you'll help me, bless you. If you won't (or can't), fuck you, AND, feel free to pick up my trash.


fringes said...

My guess is he saw the sign in the grass, thought "why not?" and thought he'd make a little pocket change. But then he figured out that panhandling isn't the career changer he was hoping it would be and walked away from his new gig after about 10 minutes. Throwing the sign back where he'd found it.

briliantdonkey said...

fringes first thought was mine as well. My second thought, was damn these tough times are trickling all the way down to homeless people. IF in fact this guy is actually homeless or really in need of help.