Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Time Trippin'

While cleaning out a closet, the 'chick ran across a stack of her old yearbooks. Remember when you couldn't wait to get your yearbook and have everyone sign it?

Let's blow the dust off and crack the cover, shall we?

This one is from the 7th grade, in 1982.

(All typos are exactly as written in blue Bic ink.)

From the captain of the volleyball team: "I'm glad we became good freinds. Too bad I won't see you next year. I call you and maybe come over. F/F (friends forever)"

From the 7th grade sex god whose last name was House: "Stay cool over the summer. If you want to keep your family small, stay away from Houses."

From a burn-out: "You remind me of an omellette! Just kidding!" (WTF? That still doesn't make sense.)

From a BFF: "Beware of boys with eyes of brown, they'll kiss you once then strip you down! Sorry I narced! P.S. Good luck with you-know-who!" (Who the hell was you-know-who? Someone that the 'chick was sure she would NEVER forget. . . and can't remember now. And what did the BFF narc about? Probably something that landed the 'chick in detention, no doubt.)

Proving the 'chick's stalker tendencies started early: "Hi! What's up? Mabey I'll see you in Cherry Hill some day! You drive me crazy sometimes but have a nice summer anyway! WITHOUT CALLING EVERY NIGHT!!! Ha Just Kidding! but don't anyway!"

And again: "It was fun in lunch and don't forget to be mean to Kim! She's dead! Stay nice as you are & hope your in other classes next year." (Who was Kim? Why did we want her dead? Did she narc? What was the narcing about? Damn!)

And hung around with stalkers: "Have fun over the summer and say hi to your brother with the earring for me!"

And more haters: "I do not even like Dawn R." with an arrow pointing to a weird, ugly bird used as a trademark by the yearbook company. (Apparently, he really did NOT like Dawn R.)

Referring to parties, possibly: "Don't puke on your bedsheets." (This could explain the memory lapses.)

Everyone wanted to be "Friends Forever" and wished the 'chick "Good Luck with the Boys!". Everyone wanted to hang out over the summer and wrote down phone numbers.

God, we thought we were SO grown and when the 'chick looked through the pictures, we were such infants with NO idea what the world was really like. We actually thought we would be BFFs and F/Fs and stay sweet and keep in touch.

Since there is still a stack of yearbooks yet to go, stay tuned for another installment of the BFF files.


heather said...

AAGGGGHHHHH!!! good god woman, ya gotta warn me before showing stuff like that!

uhmm, tried to channel my inner eighties burnout for you. no go. have no flippin clue what s/he meant.
and how is it that you were supposed to be mean to kim and still stay as nice as you were?

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

That omlette thing cracked me up...but it might just be because I'm slighty sleep-deprived and don't have sufficient oygen flowing to my brain cells.

Roadchick said...

Heather~ being mean and staying nice is an action only achieved by junior high school girls and cannot be replicated by anyone else. Or else she meant stay nice to her since we were obviously tormenting the hell out of Kim.

Woo-Woo~ It cracked me up too, which is oddly omelette-like behavior. Hmmmm. . .

fringes said...

What a fun post. makes me even more glad my HS was too geeky for a yearbook staff. I don't have a yearbook to trigger memories of the "good times".

Susan said...

I went through my yearbook from senior year about a year ago at a party with a few others around my age. It turned into "slept with him" "really? me too!!" and then a very awkward silence..

Roadchick said...

Fringes~ the geeks were the yearbook staff. I never went near it.

Susan~ oh yeah, that would be awkward. Since I didn't sleep with guys from high school (my tastes ran to "older" men) I would not have that issue, but I would feel free to laugh my ass off at the sleeping together scenarios.

briliantdonkey said...

Funny you should post about this. I just so happened to come across and go through my old yearbooks recently,,,,,,ugggggghhhhh is about all I can say. Kind of odd seeing and reading all those things from people 'you would never forget' and realize looking at them that you have NO idea who the hell they are.