Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We're So Great, Can't You See

Coz we're the Class of '83

8th grade:

From a BFF(?): "It was a blast this year and being best friends for awhile. Sorry it couldn't work out. I can't say I'll miss you since I see you at Provi all the time. It was cool writing about Jerry and Petey on all our folders all the time. Well have a good summer and I'll have to take you to the club to meet Jeanne sometime."

We were actually BFFs for two more years into high school. Jerry and Petey were two neighborhood burnouts that we ragged mercilessly. Jerry had a severe southern accent (and this was in Northern Illinois) and we called him 'Lil Georgia Peach' which just really pissed him off. Petey was a year or so older than us and was always trying to get one (or both) of us to go off into the woods with him. As IF!

- And - does this not start out like she's totally breaking up with the 'chick??? WTF?

From a stalker-like girl who wanted to be friends: "It was fun being in your homeroom. Hope to see ya a lot at the ball field. We'll watch Nick together."

Nick did NOT know we even existed. He was almost ready to graduate high school. He may have noticed the 'chick because she had bodacious tatas even at 13, but not being the cradle-robbing sort, he did not speak to us.

From the burnout of '82 who called the 'chick an omelette: "Will you feed the horse?"

Apparently, this young friend had been shooting horse.

From the narc of '82: "I'm sooo glad that we became better buds this year (even though we had our tiffs) & it's a DA_N shame that you're going to Provi. I hope that we see each other in Beverly Hills when you're Mrs. Robert Lowe & I'm Mrs. C. Thomas Howell, otay? Buds forever!"

Ah yes, The Outsiders. ~swoon~ The 'chick can still recite that poem:
Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf's a flower
But only so an hour.
So leaf subsides to leaf
So Eden sank to grief
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.
- Robert Frost
Stay gold, Ponyboy!
(Please excuse the 'chick while she gets a tissue.)

From an 8th grade stud: "Don't forget me, I know it's hard."

Who the hell was he?

From ANOTHER BFF: "Ello! You're a true fiend. You and Laura are my best buds. I wish you were going to L-Way. I'm really gonna miss ya. We've had a blast in 8th and in 7th while we were partners. I'm glad we've grown to be such close friends. I'll never forget you, hon. Hey, I'm really sorry if I hurt your bod, but I mean it could have happened to anyone!! None of it was intentional (whatever). If you never speak to me again I'll understand. I truly will. Well, we'll have to go somewhere over the summer so we can reminacese. See ya bud! Keep in touch because a life without me is a life without guys. What could you do without them."

We were science partners in 8th grade chemistry. We regularly tried to set fire to things and toasted marshmallows in our alcohol burner. The 'chick cannot remember what the girl did to hurt her bod. . .no doubt in gym class or science. No telling.

From ANOTHER burnout: "Don't start my bod hobbits mon, because they can really screw you up. So have fun over the summer and party hard! Good luck with the guys!"

Ok, so don't start your bad habits (getting high/drinking) but party hard over the summer. Oxymoron, anyone?

And over and over and over again, there were references to the fact that at least the 'chick would no longer have to be worried about hanging from the chandelier. Since the 'chick could not remember EVER actually hanging from a chandelier, she had to think about this one for a little while and then she remembered. There was a language arts teacher who did not particularly enjoy young teens and their shenanigans. The 'chick was excellent at shenanigans. When the 'chick would instigate shenanigans, this particular teacher would threaten to hang the 'chick and her compatriots from the nearest handy chandelier. What annoyed the battle axe even more is that the 'chick was excellent at language arts so she could not be flunked.

In the next episode, we will delve into the dark world of high school yearbooks. There is some seriously hot gossip in there, darlings.

Stay sweet!


Susan said...

High school gossip!!! I'm so excited.

Roadchick said...

Susan~ We'll see if it's any better 20 years later. It's doubtful. But highly amusing.

heather said...

ahhh, arch nemesis teachers.
mine was a math teacher who spent the whole damn year trying to make me use the 'proper' formulas for figuring out the algebra stuff. it used to piss him off to no end that i had an easier way to solve the problems and refused to use his. he even gave me a 100 problem 'test' in front of the class to prove that my formulas wouldn't work. it back fired on him though and i ended up showing the whole class an easier way to get the same damn answers he got every time. i truly believe that man hated me. :-)