Monday, March 30, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blog

So, did you participate in Earth Hour on Saturday night?

The Roadie household did not. I forgot all about it. But, since I don't usually sit in a blaze of light anyway, I'm sure that my contribution will not be missed.

I did hear that Al Gore left his landscape spotlights on at his mansion, as well as numerous lights inside. He must've forgotten too. Or else his trees are afraid of the dark.

Saturday was an interesting day anyway - we had storms roll through here with tornado sirens going off all over. Redneck and I went to the flea market on Saturday and were heading for the car when the siren at the fairgrounds went off. We looked up at the sky (dark, threatening) and at the car, about a 1/2 mile away and decided to walk a little faster. We got rained on a little, but not whisked off to Oz, so that was good.

This is a boring post and I apologize, Patient Reader. I'm tired. I feel like I've been in the car for weeks and I'm not getting anything done. I should be working (it's 8pm here) but I'm blogging instead because I just can't wrap my head around doing anymore work right now.

I'm on the road again tomorrow. Wednesday will be a fast day in the office trying to finish up a couple of things before all hell breaks loose again and one of my team members takes a couple of days off while I cover for her. I'm not looking forward to that. Three days of doing her job will have me drinking from a flask in the bathroom. Possibly at my desk by the end of it.

Then, after she comes back, I've got one day before I'm off for a few days, but it's not going to be restful time off. The Outlaws are coming for their annual Easter visit. I love the Outlaws coming. It's Easter that I don't care for very much. It's the dinner that I host every year and I just can't get up any enthusiasm for it.

Did I mention that I was tired? I'm the kind of tired that almost has you wishing you'd get sick so you could stay in bed for a few days. I can't afford that right now.


Susan said...

I feel what you're saying chick. I keep trying to focus on work but then I look at my calendar for the next month and want to burst into tears. It's a hectic time of life, I suppose.

Roadchick said...

Susan~ Yeah, I guess. I'm with you on the weeping. I keep thinking about a vacation and then I realize that I don't have time to take one even though I desperately need it.

Autrice DelDrago: said...

Al Gore wouldn't know "conservation" if it put on a trench coat and flashed him.

Get some rest. Easter-schmeaster - it's the family that makes it fun!

Autrice DelDrago: said...

Where on earth did your blog go? The home page is blank!

Roadchick said...

Autrice~ I suspect that there are a great many things that he doesn't know. Easter will be fun. . . after it's all over and the extras have gone home and it's just the Outlaws and Roadies again. THAT is when it's going to be fun. It's the extras that stress me out to no end.

And - maybe Blogger had hiccups? Everything was where I left it when I got here!

Liz said...

Although it's not the way the old schoolers did it, you can always make some of your easter dinner ahead of time and the day of only do the necessary cooking. This is where casseroles and Oreda Steam and Mash potatoes will be life savers!

Roadchick said...

Liz~ It's going to be pretty simple - I hope. And if it all goes to hell, we're going to Cracker Barrel.