Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tagged! and a Contest

Autrice tagged the 'chick with the following meme:

The Rules of this tag game are:
1. Grab the book nearest to cheating!
2. Open to page 123.
3. Scroll down to the fifth sentence.
4. Post text of next 3 sentences on to your blog.

In the spirit of innernets cooperation, here goes:

The glint in his gray eyes as he seated himself opposite her told her that Rhy was well aware why she hadn't chosen the sofa, but she ignored him and amused herself by watching the parade of early-morning travelers.

Their flight was five minutes late, and Rhy was already restless when the loudspeaker called their flight number. He got to his feet and took her arm, and suddenly gave her a whimsical smile.

Since the 'chick got the email at work, y'all are just lucky that she keeps a book in her desk drawer in case the innernets are down during lunch - that way she'll still have something to read.

The excerpt above came from "An Independent Wife" by Linda Howard.

In all honesty, the 'chick has read no more than the cover and the blurb on the back - no pages until now have been read. Judging from what she just read while typing it onto the blog - that may be all that is read.

It did get a little more interesting just a line or two down, so for your amusement, the 'chick will include those here:

"Those are some spikes you're wearing," he commented. "You come up to my chin...almost."
"They're also dangerous weapons," she said, her mouth curving.

"Anyone care to take a guess at what happens next?" asked the 'chick, with a knowing leer.

Hmmm..maybe a little contest, y'all. Feeling up to it? Got your game on? Using the lines that came from the book, finish up what YOU think happened. The best entry (not necessarily the one closest to what actually does happen) will win the 'chick's copy of this monstrosity and another little giftage that has yet to be determined and will be a BIG SURPRISE! In addition, because y'all know that you really, really want it - the 'chick will autograph the book for the lucky winner.

"That is surely worth the entry!" she said, smiling at the paparazzi.

Deadline for entries will be Sunday, October 1, 2006 at 5:00 p.m. Central Time. Please do not post your entry to the comments - email it to:

talk2roadchick AT yahoo DOT com

"Get busy," she said, rubbing her hands together in anticipation, "and the winning entry will be posted for all the innernets to see!"

And lest you think the 'chick forgot:

Donkey, dahlin',
Pacian, love,
Tinker, honey

TAG - you're it!


tinker said...

Intriguing contest idea...I'm going to have to ponder this for a bit.

I have the meme up now, for what it's worth!

Michael Thomas said...

Thanks for the tag. It's up now. And thanks for the interesting blog!