Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Explanations (Excuses) for Lack of Posting

Y'all, the 'chick apologizes for the lack of posting lately...there are several explanations.

First explanation: The Outlaws came back into town on Saturday & were treated to a home-cooked dinner by Roadchick. Also included in this gathering were Rockboy, Redneck, and Roadchick's parents. Fun. Actually, it was fun but any gathering that includes Roadchick's parents tends to stress her out. A LOT. But, everyone appeared to have a good time and no one reported food poisoning, so the evening shall be deemed a success.

Second explanation: Roadchick is just slightly wrapped up in Redneck. A lot of her days off were spent with him and the majority of that time was spent either eating (a LOT) or watching movies because apparently, the 'chick has managed to miss some of the great cinematic works of our time. Redneck was appalled that the 'chick had never seen Pulp Fiction or Leaving Las Vegas or Final Destination 3....just keep adding to the list of things that the 'chick never made time for. The folks at Movie Gallery were starting to snicker after the third trip in as many days.

Third explanation: A migraine from hell. That just goes on and on and on. And bad enough to send the 'chick running for home yesterday afternoon when the original plans called for cooking dinner for Redneck & his son, Skaterboy. And watching Monday Night Wrestling (at Skaterboy's request). And required burrowing into bed with ice packs and orders for no ONE to open the door or to dare make a sound in the house. So, y'all know it was bad. And today, the 'chick is dealing with post-migraine hangover - that horrible hollow-headed feeling that she gets after one of her screamers. And the distinct possibility that there is another migraine to follow because she just has that feeling, ya know? She may be heading for the homestead sooner than expected.

Roadchick did not do the Sunday Scribblings this week although she thought about it. If time and migraines permit, she may post something a little later on.

Hope y'all had a great holiday weekend!


Kim G. said...

Sounds like a real bummer! (The migraine part.) But I'm glad to hear things are going well with the new fellow. I hope that you're feeling better soon and that second migraine takes a hike!

Take care!

briliantdonkey said...

Glad to see you are feeling better. I didn't do the fortune cookie one either cause other than the obvious stuff I was drawing a total and utter blank. Welcome back. For future reference I have heard that Hot wild sex, while watching Pulp fiction was a good cure for migraines.

attn Redneck: you owe me one for trying and if it works, you owe me 4!


Roadchick said...

Kim G. - thank you...the 'chick is feeling better although it was touch and go last night. Redneck just might be a keeper - time will tell.

Donkey, dahlin' - LOL...leave it to you to offer suggestions for a cure! Since the 'chick is a good girl, she is sure that she doesn't know what you mean. ~innocent look~