Monday, August 28, 2006

Miscellaneous Monday

For some reason, Roadchick is in a mood to write today, so there is just no telling how many posts you may wind up with. This post has to do with all the random stuff that the 'chick has seen or heard that doesn't quite rate a post of its own but was still too good to leave out. Welcome to Miscellaneous Monday!

  1. Seen on Saturday, while cruising downtown Nashville and acting like tourists: one man, old enough to know better (and apparently too young or too drunk to care) dressed in a clown suit, complete with a red nose. Climbing up the side of the rather large statue, Musica, that is located in the Music Row Roundabout (where all the big and not-so-big recording studios and music publishing companies live in Nashville). (For a giggle, follow the link and read the Alert! box. Very amusing.) Musica, to the uninitiated, is a circle of naked, frolicking people. (Rednecked??) Cavorting nekkid people. So, to boost himself up the rest of the way, the Clown reached up.....and found a handy appendage to get up the rest of the way. (Oh, that was a bad pun but Roadchick refuses to apologize for it!) Unfortunately, no one had a camera at the ready or else you would be treated to a full-color photo of the newly named Nashville Ass Clown.
  2. Heard on the evening news: Tootie view. Actual phrase: 2-D View.
  3. As told by a co-worker regarding the last meeting of the Nashville Orchid Society: "So they were showing us how to pollinate an orchid, but they were acting like they were doing something dirty, you know, pollinating an orchid. Like Q-Tips had to be purchased in secret, you know, to pollinate."
  4. It should be noted for the record that the General Lee won the demolition derby on Thursday night. You just can't keep those Duke Boys down.
  5. It was mentioned by Kim G. that Roadchick has not written the perfect rednecked post since she didn't mention anything at all about guns or booze. After re-reading her post, she realized that she needed to mention that there was a large sign at the entrance to the fairgrounds that stated Alcoholic Beverages Were Strictly Prohibited. Since there was no mention of leaving your firearms at home, Roadchick can only assume that somewhere in the crowd, possibly inside one of the dragsters or mudding trucks, there WERE firearms. However, she did not personally see any.
So ends this edition of Miscellaneous Monday. Stayed tuned for further editions as the randomness accumulates until Roadchick has to post it here to clear up memory slots in her brain (since she seems to have misplaced her little notebook o' ideas).


Autrice DelDrago said...

ROTFLMAO@Nashville Ass Clown

Kim G. said...

Thank you for not shattering my redneck stereotypes by noting the posibility of fire-arms somewhere in the picture of your perfect redneck date. I'm sure if we used our imaginations, someone in that derby watchin' crowd filled their diet coke cup with a fermented beverage of some sort. Ahhh - the perfect evening. ;)