Friday, August 04, 2006

A Letter to the Universe

Dear Universe,

Roadchick would like to withdraw her remarks from yesterday, titled as hot, Hot HOT! She cannot be sure, but has a sneaking suspicion that her comments may have irked Someone in the Great Celestial Above and for that, she is most sorry. She apologizes. She abases herself before you.

She thought that the A/C going out wherever she went was annoying. And uncomfortable. She thought that plans due a full 23 days earlier was enough to rend garments and tear her hair. She was wrong. She was so, so wrong.

Universe, Roadchick is having the respect now. Oh, yes. Lot and lots of respect. She will not complain anymore. (Much.) (Well, she will try not to.)

Roadchick has learned her lesson - the cell phone that kept mysteriously shutting itself off and telling her "No Service". . . the near side-swiping that she managed to avoid on the interstate . . . the client that is refusing to move into a lovely three bedroom home and now wants an entirely new residential agency. . .

But, Universe, while all those things are horrid enough . . .more than adequate to get the 'chick's attention . . .it was the thing that happened to her first thing this morning that has caused her to learn her lesson and learn it well.

Universe, it was not a bit funny for Roadchick's toilet seat to BREAK first thing this morning. When she was still mostly asleep. And only wanting to have a pee. It's not nice for the whole thing to come apart in her hands and then FALL to UNUSABLE pieces on the floor.

Roadchick is sorry. She will no longer complain. She will be kind to bunnies and kitties and the people that try her patience. (Yes, Universe, she knows that she was already kind to bunnies and kitties.) (Yes, Universe, she is aware that the odds of her being kind to the people that try her patience are about as likely as her TOILET SEAT miraculously repairing iteself and returning to usable form.)(But she will try.)

If you have any messages for Roadchick, you will be able to find her, hiding underneath her bed, where it is safe, if somewhat dusty.



briliantdonkey said...

That's not the universe telling you to quit complaining. That is the universe telling you that it is male. And seats don't necessarily belong in the down position. Yeah that is it.


Roadchick said...

Donkey, dahlin'
The 'chick personally doesn't care if the seat is up or down but since she owns a cat that seems to mind a great deal when she takes a swim, (being of the "not mentally competent to judge" group), Roadchick usually (usually) leaves the whole thing closed. The sound of a seriously annoyed cat splashing at 3 a.m. is a pretty good guarantee that the day will NOT be a good one.
But, the 'chick is open to suggestions and has left an offering of Budweiser and Sports Illustrated next to the commode just in case you are right.

briliantdonkey said...

(enter homer voice here) ummmmmm beeeerrrrr


Roadchick said...

~hearing music, far off, in the background~

her bathroom brings boys to the yard, her bathroom is better than yours. . .