Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: The Monster. . .

The biggest monster that the 'chick fears is the Monster of Alone.

The fear that the "One" will never appear in her life.

The fear that it will be Roadchick, the crazy cat lady.

The fear that she will die alone.

The fear that she will be that "poor lady" that gets invited to things because "she's all on her own, you know."

The fear that she won't be special to someone, be wanted and needed.

The fear that she'll be left to figure it out on her own, always.

The fear that it won't cease to matter.

The fear that at the end of the day, what she knows now will be what she always knows.

The fear that. . .acceptance will never come.

The fear of the Monster of Alone.


paris parfait said...

I hope that you can throttle that monster once and for all! Insightful post.

Michelle said...

Well, your not alone with your monster of alone...

By the way, crazy cat ladies are cool. I aspire to be one someday. I already meet a couple of the requirements.

Kim G. said...

A tough monster to face, but I have no doubt that rodchick can kick his a$$!
:) You don't strike me as the cat lady type, more like the kind that would be collecting leather jackets to wear on your travels.

briliantdonkey said...

ditto on that fear

well ditto cept for the 'lady' part.

oh and the 'cat' part probably would be dogs.

ohhhh yeah and the 'gonna be crazy' part since that ship sailed for me longggggg ago.


DJPare said...

Anyone capable of expressing herself the way you do, will never really be alone.