Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: Who Else Might Roadchick Have Been?

To Roadchick, this is a funny question. Why, you ask? Because Roadchick is so many people - no, not in that scary Sybil-like way with multiple personalities...although catch her at the wrong time of the month...oh -too much information, isn't it?

Roadchick has been blessed with an active imagination. Over-active at times. Roadchick has been known to walk through an airport pretending to herself that yes, she is indeed, with the band. What band, you ask? Why, whatever band you think she is with - she will agree. She has even signed autographs before on exactly that sort of assumption.

(Allow Roadchick to take a moment to apologize to whoever is in possession of that scrawled signature - it is NOT worth anything on eBay. Diddly. Squat. And, there is no such person, living or dead, known as Scarlett Satin. And you should have known better. And you should not have encouraged Roadchick in that manner. Or bribed her with beers. Or told her that you had seen her in concert.)

Roadchick is a Reader. She will read anything. No, really - anything. She has been known to come home from flea markets lugging out-of-date textbooks to read. Fiction, non-fiction, it truly does not matter.

Because Roadchick is a Reader, she can lose herself in the story. She has been on the Decatur Road with Scarlett O'Hara. She has been there with Siddalee Walker when Vivi Walker was whipping all the kids with a belt. She has been Lusa Landowski chasing luna moths and missing her dead husband. She has travelled with Ford Prefect. She has cowered in the back of Professor Snape's potions class, hoping that he would not call on her.

Active imagination.
Too active, sometimes.

As Roadchick reflects on all the people she has been, it occurs to her that along with an over-active imagination, she also has Delusions of Grandeur. Because when she is someone else, it is always someone more famous than she is.

She is the Rock Star. She is the Locations Scout. She is the Travel Author. She is Somebody, and darn it, you'd better get to the appreciatin' pretty dang quick.

She is on her way to rehearsal. She is on her way to Somewhere Foreign. (Never mind that it's a domestic flight to Tampa.) She is On Assignment.

Patient Reader, please do not take this to mean that Roadchick is not happy with who she is. Roadchick is proud of who she is and what she does. But...she has to admit...that sometimes, just sometimes, it's really a blast to walk to the front of a line at a club and be admitted on sheer pretense. (And an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of bulls#&t.)

So if you're ever going through the airport and are tempted to ask for an autograph - do. You just never know if it might be the 'chick, livin' large.


briliantdonkey said...

Dear Scarlett,

what do you mean there is no scarlett satin??? what is next? no Santa? Nice job on this week's prompt.


Kay said...

I liked this. I think you'd be a great person to travel with.

alyndabear said...

The RoadChick sounds like a pretty darned cool gal.

The "with the band" airport thing made me laugh - thankyou!


Kerstin said...

Scarlett Satin, I love it! And that vivid imagination of yours, so wonderfully presented here. I must come back and visit more.

Oh, and yes, the pretence at the door does help: while I lived in Canada my friend and I once pretended that she was a famous singer from Germany and I her agent, we got star treatment, it was amazing! We kept it up all night, too, but when she stayed with a boy she met and I returned there the next day on my motorbike and she was still pretending I just said "Come on guys, an agent on a tiny Yamaha 250, don't you get it yet??!" They did. Oh, what fun memories, thanks for reminding me :)

Take care, Kerstin

paris parfait said...

Fabulous post! I love the way you think.

Jennifer said...

way too fun, I think I want Roadchick's autograph!

Pacian said...

I wish I could come with a complimentary comment that was a hundredth as cool as this post.

Gemma said...

I like this one...

Jessie said...

aahhhh! I love it! Someone as weird as me!

The mind is a fabulous place sometimes, wouldn't you say?!

Autrice DelDrago said...

Roadchick is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers to read!

sundaycynce said...

Ah, Roadchick, what fun you have. It would be terrific fun to go with you for real, but frankly, going with you through this post was a blast! Thanks, SC

samantha said...

You are a trip! Airports can be pretty prosaic (especially post 9-11) and I don't blame you for spicing things up a bit.

And how much do I love Siddalee Walker? Seriously, I am to the point where I could name my child Siddalee.