Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No news....no, really - NO NEWS

Y'all, Roadchick is in a slump. For the past couple of days, nothing has been happening - well, nothing interesting anyway and the 'chick has nothing to report.

This is sad.

However, you will notice that it does NOT stop the 'chick from posting an entry. This is the electronic version of talking to hear herself speak. Posting to see herself type.

The spell of bad luck / funky mojo / born under a bad sign continues pretty much unabated.

On Saturday, the 'chick woke up and thought to herself, "Huh, that's odd - lower back pain." And promptly IGNORED this warning and went on about her day, cleaning and fiddling around the house.

People, do not do this. This is stupidity.

On Sunday, the 'chick woke up and thought to herself, "Huh, the pain's not too bad - just a little sore and stiff." And promptly IGNORED this warning and helped Best Friend move some furniture and stuff.

People, do not do this. This is stupidity.

On Monday, the 'chick woke up and thought to herself, "Oh wow - sitting up has become an impossible task - this is not good." And Roadchick tried to ignore it and got up and went to work and wound up standing on her feet for 6 out of 8 hours.

People, do not do this. This is insanity.

So, now it's Tuesday. The 'chick woke up and thought to herself, "Don't want to get up - ~whine~ - it hurts - ~whine~ - whyever does the Roadchick deserve this? ~whine~"
No, it's not necessary to point out that at this point, the pain is pretty much self-inflicted. Just hush up.

The 'chick has taken her car in to have the A/C fixed. The good news in the cesspool of the 'chick's life is that. . . the A/C work is actually covered under the extended warranty. (Will wonders never cease?) And a rental car is covered if the work cannot be finished today. The bad news is - Roadchick has been at work since 6:15 a.m. and she is ready to go home and she can't because she doesn't have a car. ~whine~ And the wrong part has been ordered but they still may be able to get the right part and get it installed, and . . . and . . .and

And what they don't understand is that Roadchick is ready to go home RIGHT NOW.

(Patient Reader, aren't you glad that Roadchick absolutely doesn't mind writing posts that contain absolutely nothing of value and no humor whatsoever??? Of course you are.)

Hmm, what else that is not news???

The eHarmony thing - Roadchick did some house cleaning there also. Haven't heard from you in a reasonable amount of time? You are SO closed out. The 'chick is emailing a little bit with a couple of guys - they're nice so far but not near the meeting up stages yet. Besides, the horoscope for Scorpio today said to put off meeting "new interests" for a few days. Considering the state of her back - she ain't meetin' no one, no how. Sitting up for very long is painful and laying down might just give the wrong impression. Ya think???


Roadchick just found out that her car will not be ready today. But, the nice man at Carmax arranged for a rental car if Roadchick would just call this number . . .
So, Roadchick called the number and the man on the other end said yes indeedy, a rental car could be had. What kind of car did the 'chick want? He seemed a little disappointed when Roadchick told him she wanted whatever $25 per day would get her, since that is what is covered on the warranty.

Roadchick has the feeling that she is going to be driving home in a Yugo. Hopefully it will have an automatic transmission because the last time that she drove a manual, she was 16 and was NONE TOO GOOD AT IT then. Dangerously bad. Scary bad. And that was on flat land, not hill country like she lives in now.

Say a prayer and stay off of I-65.


briliantdonkey said...

shocking indeed!!!!

What the HAYLE were you thinking!?

Cleaning and straightening up a bit,,,,,,,geeeesh some people deserve what they get.

I am deeply offended and not sure I can correspond anymore in fact.


$25 dollars a day? Yugo hell.....I am guessing you are probably peddaling your way into your driveway right about nnnnnnow.


Roadchick said...


Donkey dahlin'
The 'chick KNEW that she could count on you to understand EXACTLY the point that she was trying to make!!!
On the car front, amazingly enough, a NEW Suburban was offered "if the lil lady thinks she can drive it"....
Apparently the gleam in her eye alarmed Mr. Car Rental Man because he triple checked to be sure that the 'chick had full coverage on her car insurance.
Oh yeah - the 'chick can drive it...jes' fine.

Kim G. said...

Roadchick - keep the faith. Just got word from a dear friend tonight that after over a year of courtship (real dates, not just emailing), she and her internet-hookup honey that she met are gettin' hitched.

Maybe there's a Road-dude out there for you just ironing out the personality wrinkles and preparing his air conditioned castle for his Roadchick queen!