Thursday, August 10, 2006

Heads Up!

So, the saga continues. . .

Co-worker returned from letting the dog out and the rest of the story was revealed. While she was there, the medical examiner came and took pictures of the basement and the skull, and for some reason, the front door of the house. Co-worker was not allowed near the backyard where the entrance to the basement is. While the picture taking was going on, she was being questioned by homicide detectives.

Do you live here?
How long have you lived here?
Do you ever go in the basement?
Do you store anything in the basement?

See, now, Patient Reader - that last question - that is the one that would have put Roadchick in handcuffs. She would not have been able to resist (had she known what was going on) saying something along the lines of:

"Just a collection of heads, why?"

The medical examiner, all tripped out on her CSI-like power, left the yard carrying the skull in a brown paper grocery bag. Hee! Riches, I tell you! The only thing that would have made it any better was if there was a big Kroger logo on the side of it!

The neighborhood is safe now - the head is in custody.

There were more details to be had though, and y'all, it just gets better and better!

The landlord who is out of town, knew that the head was down there! When he was packing up his dad's stuff after his dad passed away, the head was already in the collection and for some reason - he KEPT it and just put it in a box and stored the box in the basement of the rental house. Do ya think he might have mentioned that to someone? Just maybe? "Um, hey, y'all - just so you know - there's a skull in a box down there, so don't freak out."

Then Roadchick started wondering - did the skull belong to the dad....or was it Dad's skull? If you see where the 'chick is going with that...

The whole scenario has led to jokes all day long - how many phrases can you think of containing the word "head"? As it turns out, quite a few!

Co-worker commented, upon seeing the medical examiner leaving with the head in a grocery bag, "Well, she's off with the head." (The detectives were not amused. Roadchick was greatly amused.)

Other comments included:

-Don't get aHEAD of yourself.
-I'm HEADing out now.
-aHEAD of the pack.
-use your HEAD.
-that's such a HEAD trip.

and a few others that have escaped Roadchick but she may come back and add them if she remembers.

Co-worker has been christened "Gacy" since she's got parts of dead bodies in her basement.

Apparently, to get TMI out of your actually takes a HEAD!


briliantdonkey said...

guess she will never again say "I am going to head down to the basement to check the laundry."

Glad the guys dad wasn't an E.D. doctor......

If a head screams in the basement and noone hears it, does it make a sound?

ughhhhhhh I need some sleep.


Jennifer said...

I'm amused by her comment too. Can't wait to hear the end of the story...

Pacian said...

Pacian now makes a measured and thoughtful comment, belying the fact that what he just said aloud was, "HOLY CRAP!"