Monday, August 28, 2006

Gettin' Rednecked

If there were a contest (and there should be) to determine who had the most redneck weekend of them all, Roadchick and crew would win hands down.

Roadchick (contrary to the dismal, depressing tone of her last post) has met a new guy. In order to distinguish him from all the other new guys lately, this one shall be called "Redneck". Not that he is, not really. It's more of a circumstantial thing but when the workboot fits...

Redneck and Roadchick have been dating for several weeks and things are going pretty well. The 'chick is becoming a little leary of talking about her boys here because once she introduces them to y'all, something always happens. So, whichever of you is doing the hoodoo on the 'chick's relationships - knock it off. It's not nice. It's making Roadchick crazy. And she's getting ready to whip out her own brand of voodoo on you. So there. Nyah.

Because things have been going well and Roadchick and Redneck are still in the first blush of dating when you can't stand to be away from the "Other" for more than 24 hours, they decided that multiple trips to the county fair were in order. The first trip was last Thursday night, in order to partake of the demolition derby. Y'all know that that was a good time. There were multiple near-runnings-over (as in - hey! that car just ran over the top of that other car - cool!) and an engine compartment fire that required the services of seven fireman. One to operate the fire extinguisher and the other six to stand around and crouch down to make sure that the fire was out. Good times, y'all.

On Friday evening, Roadchick's ex-in-laws were coming into town to spend a couple of days before heading out for other relatives' homes in other parts of the state. The Outlaws stay with Roadchick and Rockboy while in the Nashville area. They always have, they always will, and a good time is had by all.

On Saturday, Roadchick, Rockboy, and the Outlaws did a little bit of yard saleing (saling? sailing?), acted like the worst sort of tourists in downtown Nashville by stopping in the middle of busy streets in order to take pictures, and eating at every opportunity. In the late afternoon, Roadchick, Rockboy, and the Outlaws headed for Redneck's house. Hee.

Are you keeping score, Patient Reader? Do y'all know who is included in this entourage at this point? If you answered:

  • Roadchick
  • Rockboy
  • The Outlaws
  • Redneck

you would be correct. Yes, new boyfriend and the Outlaws, together. Think it can't get much more rednecky? You'd be absolutely WRONG.

After a fantastic dinner of catfish, hushpuppies, and cole slaw at a local riverside establishment, the Entourage left to pick up Redneck's son (now known as Skaterboy) and Redneck's ex-father-in-law. Before heading BACK to the county fair for the Mud Drag Races.

As drag races go, they weren't much to blog about. The crowning event of the evening was when Redneck bought Roadchick a present. From the fair. Because nothing says love like a gift from the fair. And it was a surprise.

When Redneck returned from buying Cokes, he sat next to Roadchick and was fiddling around with something behind her back. When she asked what it was, he said it was a surprise. What kind of surprise, she wanted to know. A secret surprise. That she couldn't see. Even though it was for her. But she was allowed to know that it was a necklace.

When it was finally around her neck, she dug in her bag to find a mirror and what she saw made her eyes tear up with emotion. For around her neck was a Redneck necklace. Made up of spikey things mixed with beads that had rebel flags on them. Awww.

Redneck was laughing his butt off. So was Roadchick. And she wore the necklace proudly. And then that made Redneck a little bit nervous and he told her that she could take the necklace off because it was a joke. But Roadchick said that she didn't think so - she was going to wear her redneck necklace every time she saw him from now on.

So, a quick recap:

  • Catfish, hushpuppies, cole slaw
  • Roadchick
  • Rockboy
  • 1 full set of Outlaws
  • 1 partial set of Outlaws
  • Redneck
  • Skaterboy
  • County fair
  • Mud Drag Races
  • Redneck necklace

Submitted for a full vote: Roadchick wins the Redneckedness-of-the-Weekend Award. What do y'all think???


Kim G. said...

For sure. The only things missing were guns and booze. (Or did they just not make the cut for the post?)

Seriously, how cool to have that kind of relationship with your ex and your Outlaws. Very cool - good for you all. And the new fellow - he sounds like a good one!

Autrice DelDrago said...

If your blog contains links to NASCAR fan sites and beer fests,... you might be a redneck.

(Autrice is hastily editing her own blog's HTML to make sure those aren't there! lol)

briliantdonkey said...

you forgot one of the main signs. Litterings of "yall" sprinkled around the post as well is a pretty good hint.As they say , 'takes one to know one'