Monday, August 21, 2006

Snakes on a Plane!

Warning, danger Will Robinson - although this is a short, short post there could be enough information to constitute a "spoiler" so if you haven't seen SoaP and plan to, you may want to skip this until AFTER you've seen the movie.

The 'chick has a question that has been burning in her mind since seeing Snakes on a Plane on Friday night.

The plane. It's all full of snakeses. Hissing, biting, crazy snakeses. In a pheromone induced frenzy.

No one, Samuel L. Jackson included, can figure out what to do about the dratted, nasty snakeses. Poking them with sticks seems to upset them. What to do?

A tiny bit of information about snakeses - they're cold-blooded as the herpetologist (snake expert, not herpes expert, and Roadchick knows that you were thinking that, shame on you) kindly points out in the movie. Also pointed out by Paula Abdul in her hit song "Cold Blooded Snake".

To solve the problem, why didn't they (whoever "they" might be) just drop the temperature in the plane to make the snakeses really, really cold and therefore, immobile? Not to mention the fact that unless they were stored in a climate controlled baggage compartment (unlikely) they wouldn't have had the energy to be all "Snakes on a Plane". But of course, that also would have negated the entire movie. "Cold Snakes Napping in the Cargo Hold" might not be quite the same box office draw as "Snakes on a Plane!!!"

Just sayin' is all.

This is why people won't go to the movies with Roadchick.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled day, already in progress.


Michelle said...

Because it is a stupid movie, with a stupid name. I am loving the parody going on around it. Check out

My son and I also enjoyed checking out the items at Just type "Snakes on a Plane". Too funny.

Kim G. said...

LOL - The whole hype has been lost on me. I don't particularly LOVE snakes but they don't send me into hysterics. I think I could handle a plane of them ok if it wasn't too long of a trip.

Rats? Now that's a different story. *violent shudder* Gaaahhh, that one would send me out the nearest escape hatch mid-flight without a parachute.

I'm wondering if you've seen Taladega Nights yet? Stupid, but extremely funny in a junior high humor kind of way. Good for a laugh anyway.