Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meme for YouYou

So, in the interest of sheep mentality and being more than a little tired, the 'chick is jumping on the meme bandwagon along with Briliant Donkey and Brianne at Pink Sidewalk Talk.

Tired because since being on-call for work, there were calls to her work phone every TWO hours, starting at 12:45 this morning. That would be SUNDAY morning. These things do not happen to other people when they are on-call. Apparently, the craziness is saved up for the 'chick when it is her month in the hot seat. So, tired. Just a little. But, hey! memes are fun & tell a little bit about others....

Without further ado:

Four jobs the 'chick has had:
1)hot dog maker
3)pharmacy technician
4)case manager

Four movies on replay at the 'chick's house:
1)Breakfast at Tiffany's
4)Good Fellas

Four places the 'chick called home:
1)Chicago, Illinois
2)St. Petersburg, Florida
3)Pompano Beach, Florida
4)Nashville, Tennessee

Four television shows the 'chick would Tivo (if she had Tivo):
1)Celebrity Paranormal Project (VH1)
2)Hell's Kitchen (Fox - the 'chick loves Gordan Ramsey!)
3)Numb3rs (CBS)
4)CBS Sunday Morning (CBS)

Four places the 'chick has Roadtripped to:
1)Gulf Shores, Alabama
2)St. Petersburg, Florida
3)Memphis, Tennessee
4)Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Four things the 'chick can rock in the kitchen:
1)Slow-cooked Chinese pork
2)Kugelis (Lithuanian potato casserole)
3)Southern fried chicken
4)Vegetarian Mexican burrito bake

Four favorite dishes(eating out)
1)Carrabas "Sirloin Marsala"
2)Chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A
3)Maza plate from Tabbouli's (Mediterranean)
4)BBQ from Bennett's in Pigeon Forge, TN

Four websites the 'chick stalks:
1)Cardiac Fantasies
2)Briliant Donkey
3)Crazy Aunt Purl
4)Comics Curmudgeon

Four places the 'chick would rather be:
2)On a plane to anywhere
3)On the New York Times Bestseller List
4)In that happy, happy place where the holiday shopping is DONE!

If you're interested and would like to play along, consider yourself tagged!


briliantdonkey said...

interesting answers. how how HOW can you NOT have tivo, it along with netflix are two things I have no clue how I ever managed without. Barring that, I have two perfectly functioning(but not used once in at LEAST a year and a half) vcrs if you are interested.

Sirloin Marsala,,,,,mmmmmmmm errrrrr I mean,,,,,,,mmmmmm copycat!

Goodfellas! GRRRREEEATTT movie can I steal that answer?

I have seen the link to Crazy aunt pearl on your site probably since I FOUND your site but just clicked it for the first time the other day. GREATTTT site, thanks for the link.


Roadchick said...

Um, Donkey Dahlin'? The 'chick has a VCR. She even has a DVD player.

It's Tivo and good cable or satellite that she's lacking and those are due to cheapness on the 'chick's part. She has a hard time justifying paying to watch television.

She's tempted - lawd, she's tempted sometimes because she LOVES Food TV & Discovery & all that good stuff...


That's about all she has to say about that.