Monday, June 18, 2007

Roughin' It

Are we there yet?

Y'all, that is what the trip to Gatlinburg and the trip back from Gatlinburg was like for the 'chick.

It's been a LOOOOONG time since she's had to travel with a nine-year-old boy.

It's funny how easy it is to forget that boys are never quiet and never still. They are difficult to amuse for less than $9 kazillion dollars a day. They always want to eat. They don't want to visit "Sites Of Interest". They want to race go-karts.

(Actually, Roadchick wanted to race go-karts too, so she can't say too much about that one.)

The "family" trip to Gatlinburg included a free place to stay - Best Friend's husband works in Knoxville during the week and offered to let the Roadie Crew use his apartment over the weekend. Being a typical man, away from the tender loving care of his wife, his apartment contained the following:

Navy blue leather recliner, used
TV tray
End table
TV on end table
Stereo (on floor)
DVD/VCR combo (on floor)
6000 VHS movies (on floor)
4 DVD movies (on floor)
Air mattress
3 plastic food storage containers
3 plastic glasses
Jello pudding snacks
Hot dogs
3 towels
Bar of soap
Toilet paper, 1-ply

But, it was free and it was quiet and more than adequate for the 'chick's purposes. She did not go to the mountains to sit in an apartment. And it was free. And close to a Hooter's (which was probably a big selling point to Best Friend's husband).

Unfortunately, all fun things must come to an end and the 'chick had to return to work. And that's exactly what it's been - work. A LOT of work. The 'chick hasn't seen the inside of her Nashville office in what seems like weeks and there's no telling when it will get better.

Good news is, the 'chick has entered the 21st century. Her lovely, wonderful bosses bought her a new laptop that has wireless. Amazing. Amazing technology. It's wonderful. Wonderfully amazing.

The 'chick's neighbors would likely be amazed to know that the 'chick's new laptop picks up their wireless signal when she is at home, perched on her bed, trying to finish up notes and reports. Makes life wonderfully simple, really.

It's nice to have good neighbors.


heather said...

glad you were able to get away with the kids for a while. when's the real vacation start?
anything good coming in from the neighbors? ;-)