Monday, August 13, 2007

August Follies

If it's August, it means that it's time for the Outlaws to descend. They will be here, luggage in tow, late Saturday afternoon.

Just thinking about it makes the 'chick tired. The Outlaws are always welcome in the Roadtrip household but the 'chick has a bit of the obsessive-compulsive about her and wants everything just so for them before they get here. And that means cleaning.

Normally, the cleaning would be well underway, but this year, it's just not happening. Work does not permit it and the 'chick's energy level does not permit it.

So, the troops have been called in.

For the first time EVER, the 'chick has arranged for a carpet cleaning company to come in and clean the carpeting in the living room, guest room, and for good measure, her bedroom. They come Thursday morning.

Rockboy will be threatened into cleaning his bathroom since the guest room shares that bathroom.

Groceries will have to be purchased. Menus will have to be planned.

Luckily though, activities will not have to be arranged because the fair is coming to town. And when the fair comes, so does the demolition derby and mud drags. Redneck good times, y'all.

For longtime readers, you will remember that not long after Roadchick and Redneck started dating, the Outlaws came to town and were carried to the mud drags. This calendar will likely be repeated this year.

And, in the "Awww" column - Redneck and Roadchick celebrated their one-year anniversary over the weekend by going out to dinner in downtown Nashville followed up by a visit to the comedy club to see Pauly Shore. A good time was had by all.

And, it was a Very. Good. Weekend.

Keep a good thought for the entire Roadie crew. It's going to get busy.


heather said...

congrats to redneck and roadchick for making it to a year without killing eachother!

have fun with the outlaws, take pictures of the derby. i love derbys. one of these days i want to drive in one. well, make that one where the other drivers ~know~ it's a derby. lol :-)