Sunday, August 26, 2007




Bandwagon, anyone?

The 'chick has redecorated. Links will be added later. The 'chick is exhausted from the wallpapering.

Hopefully the autumn colors will inspire the weather to COOL down. Weeks of being over 100 degrees is starting to take its toll. Hopefully the new template will inspire the 'chick to actually write once in awhile.

Snaps to Pyzam for the template.

Remind the 'chick to tell y'all about the Outlaws' visit - but it's not over yet. They're on their way back from visiting other family. More hilarity will ensue.

(Why is it that past bedtime always seems like the best time to get started on something like this???)


bellamoden said...


Because you're tired and your resistance is lower.... and everything seems like a good idea? Or maybe that's just me. Ahem!

briliantdonkey said...

Like the new look. Can't wait for the outlaw stories.


Susan said...

I looovvee your wallpaper, dearie!

Roadchick said...

Bella~ not, it's not just you. Happens all the time. ALL. THE. TIME.

Donkey~ Thanks, darlin. And you KNOW there will be stories.

Susan~ Does it make the 'chick's butt look fat?

Liz said...

Looks GREAT! Nice job!

heather said...

i saw the pyzam site and i liked a lot of what i saw but i really want a 3 column blog. i didn't see any while i was there. did you? i really like the template you chose. are you gonna change it up for each season? and past bedtime is the best time for redecorating. there's nothing like the satisfaction that derives from hearing someone yell "who the fuck put a chair in the middle of the g'damn livingroom" right after that oh, so unique sound of someone landing on their ass on the way to the bathroom. :-)

which leads me to think of something, when you have finally had enough of the outlaws, just rearrange the furniture, their suitcases too. ;-)

Roadchick said...

Liz~ Thanks! The 'chick will take all the credit.

Heather~ Dunno about three-column blogs. The 'chick has enough problems filling the main one in the center. Actually, the Outlaws are so much fun that they could move in and the 'chick wouldn't mind. Much.