Monday, January 14, 2008


There is an ongoing problem in Roadchick's world.

The problem is this: it's freaking COLD in her house. The thermostat is set to about 70 degrees.

It is around 65 degrees inside the house.

The heat will not come on often enough.

This is the third thermostat that has been installed.

Now, here's the kicker: when it's not terribly cold (or hot) outside, everything works just fine.

When the temperature even thinks about going to an extreme, the heat or A/C will not come on properly.

The heat and A/C are two separate units.

Redneck has no idea what the problem is (we really thought changing the thermostat would solve it) so Rockboy and the 'chick have taken to bundling up like Eskimos and shuffling through the house wrapped in blankets and quilts. Speedbump has taken up residence on the 'chick's down throw blanket and hisses whenever the 'chick tries to get it away from her to use for her own self. Thinking warm and sunny thoughts does not help.

Unfortunately, it is looking like a call is going to have to be made to some sort of HVAC repair person. Who will want real dollars for coming out to figure out why the 'chick's house is at sub-zero level. Of course, by the time the 'chick actually gets a professional out to the house to look at the problem, the weather will have warmed up and the problem will no longer be evident.

Ironically, just a couple of days ago, it was too hot in the house. Too hot even for Redneck who thinks that he should be able to wear a t-shirt year-round while inside the house and won't even consider layering to save on heating costs.

It's now cold enough that the 'chick's fingers are refusing to type properly, so y'all keep warm and the 'chick is going to bed, to hide under the covers until it warms up.

Maybe she'll pretend it's like Little House on the Prairie when there are icicles hanging from the rafters in the loft. Hopefully Pa will get up early and build a big ol' fire in the woodstove before the 'chick has to get up.


heather said...

i love how a wood stove heated room smells. however, i hate all the work that has to go into heating a house with wood. making sure you set your alarm for the middle of the night so that you can add wood sucks big time.
stay warm and wear gloves. don't want frost bitten fingers.