Sunday, January 13, 2008

That Bites!

Over the Festive Season, the 'chick's laptop had a little accident - it wound up on the hardwood floor. The screen did NOT like this. Anyway, fixed now, so let's move on, shall we?

This story was told to the 'chick and the teller swears that it is true. The 'chick does not doubt it.

The guy telling the story was talking about his ex-girlfriend. She had decided to take up stripping for fun and profit. A local club agreed to let her give it a try and up on stage she went.

All was going well until the manager motioned for her to use the pole.

Anxious to please the boss, the girl goes for it. She launches herself at the pole, catching herself and trying to flip herself upside down.

She launched herself harder than she thought because she hit the pole, slid down like a fireman going to a fire and her butt slammed down onto the stage. When her butt hit the stage, her mouth flew open and her false teeth popped out and fell into the first row.

There's an advertising angle the denture adhesive companies never thought of . . .


heather said...

oh good grief! lmao!!

how much do you want to bet she was approched later that night by at least one guy willing to help her make even more extra cash???