Sunday, February 10, 2008

Doing Her Part To Keep The Economy Strong

After a long stretch of hibernating, the 'chick finally left the house and did some shopping this weekend.

It did not start out that way. The 'chick intended to window shop, consider her options, weigh them carefully, and make an informed decision.

Redneck asked the 'chick what she wanted to do on Saturday, and since she's been kicking around the idea of buying a headboard for the bed, it seemed like it would be a good idea to actually go LOOK at some. The local Sofa Connection and More! is going out of business and there were promises of HUGE discounts. They lied. There was not even anything there worthy of a digital picture.

On to the next store. Rooms To Go. They had a beautiful headboard:

Beautiful, but somewhat pricey. $600. And very, very tall. So tall that the 'chick was afraid that her nightstands, which she intended to keep, would look like odd, midget dollhouse furniture next to the bed.

And the next. Ashley Home Furniture (or something like that). Prices here were more reasonable and Redneck and the 'chick found a possibility:

A chrome headboard with gray/silvery pleather panels. But very shiny. Shiny. Tinsely, shiny.

Roadchick asked nicely if Redneck would take her to one more place. Since he is so nice, he agreed and they headed over to American Signature Furniture. And found The ONE:

In the CLEARANCE ROOM. And when the 'chick asked Bob, the salesman if that was the best price, he dropped it another $50. So, a hardwood and GENU-WINE leather (black) headboard for $250. (Please excuse the table blocking the view of the headboard. There was not room to swing a cat in the CLEARANCE ROOM.) The 'chick was almost delirious. That red tag? That would be the "Sold To Roadchick" tag.

After so much shopping, you would think that Redneck and Roadchick would be ready to go home and watch TV. But no!

After a long hiatus, they went to the Auction. The good junk auction in Nashville.

Roadchick bought something that made her even more deliriously happy than the headboard, if that is even possible.

Roadchick presents:

The LED Flash Cross. Made in China. And contains, according to the package insert:
Elegant workmanship and wonderful design.
Brilliant saint light and splendid music.
Very good for keepsake.

When this gem came up for sale, Roadchick called Best Friend and asked if she would like Roadchick to buy one for her too. Best Friend declined but did ask the 'chick to stop by after the auction so that she could see this religious relic from the Plastic Age.

When Redneck and Roadchick arrived at Best Friend's house, Best Friend immediately removed the batteries from the remote control in order to power up the LED Flash Cross to see it in its full glory.

According to the Operation Instructions, this is the procedure to follow:

(Read carefully - all descriptions and typos are presented exactly as they are on the packaging.)

Open the lid at the bsck of the product, put into 3 'AA' batteries.
Insert the cross into the "U" shape base.
Push the swith to the left, 3 lights are on at the base.
Push the swith to the right, the upper light, left light, and right light are on.

The batteries were inserted and Roadchick moved the swith to the right. The saint light and lights at each tip of the cross came on. No splendid music. Roadchick tapped the base of the cross, to encourage the splendid music to come on. No music. No choirs of angels. Nothing. Just flashing lights.

Redneck and Best Friend's husband looked into the problem.

In order to have splendid music, the cross must have a 3-position switch. Alas, Roadchick's cross only has a 2-position swith. Ain't that always the way?

It was too much to ask for Disco Jesus to have music too.


Sheila said...

now that is the best way to start a monday morning!!! it's all we could do just now not to spew coffee all over the computer we were laughing so hard.


Susan said...

This ranks up there in a perfect shopping experience.

Knit Witch said...

OMG.......THAT is hilarious!

Total score on the headboard! Good job! Don't ya just love it when you can spend $50 and be even happier than you would have been if you spent $600?!?!

heather said...

way to score on the head board! although the disco cross has caused me to worry just a bit about you...