Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's Thursday - Again

Y'all, it's been Thursday for four days.

Ever have a week like that? The 'chick keeps thinking "Oh good, it's almost Friday" . . . and it's not.

Redneck changed jobs a few weeks ago and while the new job is a good one, it's a second/third shift type of thing. Bleah. He likes the job, he likes the people he works for, but he doesn't like the shift.

The 'chick is glad he likes his job and his boss, but she doesn't like the shift either. At all.


There are a few things that have been dragging at the 'chick - Redneck's work situation is one; the other one is the economy.

Now, long-time readers will know that the 'chick rarely ventures into political/economic territory but y'all - the 'chick is seriously nervous about what's going on.

In Tennessee, gas is averaging $3.60/gal (or at least it was 20 minutes ago - it changes so rapidly). Yes, gas IS higher elsewhere and the 'chick's heart goes out to you.

But it's scary. The 'chick's job is based on DRIVING. And it's getting too expensive to do it.

According to the news, Congress is looking into it. How reassuring.

What's your money-saving secret?


heather said...

i don't know about money saving but at least it gives me a slight sense of control. i coast when i can. check out one of the hypermiling sites, different driving techniques that can save you gas. some of it is a bit out there and rather obsessive but you may come away with something you can use. that and make sure you maintain the car. tires, oil, filters etc. it helps. believe me, it helps.

Autrice DelDrago said...

Money saving? Who has any money to actually save?