Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Roadchick Hearts Awards

This is an experiment devised by a friend (Autrice). Go visit her. Here.

Please feel free to pass this award along to friends that you feel blog with heart (we all love an award or six.)

The rules:

1. Please write a short post explaining why you are giving this award out. You may include up to three people as winners. Provide the rules and the graphic link (you can use your own host or simply use the code that I provide.)

2. Stop by that person’s blog and leave them a short comment that tracks back to your own blog (and these rules.)

3. Make sure that you include the image on your own page. Please do not alter the image! You can save the image to your own computer or picture hosting service.

So, without further ado, the 'chick is presenting the award to:

Heather because she tells it like it is: good, bad, or ugly.

Susan because reading her blog is like living her life, peeking over her shoulder

and, last, but not least

Neilochka because he lets it all hang out.

Go on. Go look. You know you wanna.


Neil said...

Thank you, Roadchick!

Susan said...

Ahhh chick, thank you. :)

Roadchick said...

Neil & Susan~ You're welcome! Thanks for the distraction and entertainment you provide during those LONG, LONG workdays.

heather said...

oh chick :-)

Liz said...

You DO have heart. Keep up the good work!