Monday, September 15, 2008

Whole Lotta Nothin'



There is nothing to talk about.

Nothing funny.

Nothing amusing.

Nothing dramatic.

The 'chick admires the bloggers that always have something to say. The mommybloggers have kids that are always amusing and entertaining.

Rockboy? Not so much.

The knitbloggers have a bunch of stuff to write about - all the projects they're finishing, how much progress they've made.

Roadchick? Slow as hell.

The smartass bloggers always have some sarcasm about current events or things happening around them.

Yeah. Roadchick doesn't get out much and isn't about to dip into the political pool.

The singlebloggers write about dating and going out and work.

Roadchick is single, but falls into the category of: Single-but-committed. Unless Redneck does something really funny, there's not much there. Work is boring.

So what to write about?

Apparently, nothing. Nothing at all.

It's amazing how long you can stretch out a post about nothing.

Susan is looking for a Halloween costume.

The 'chick can't remember the last time she dressed up for Halloween. She also can't remember the last time she WANTED to dress up for Halloween.

If you were going to choose a Halloween costume for the 'chick, what would it be?


briliantdonkey said...

I am the same way with halloween. Never really thought much about it till I moved to the country. People here seem to lovvvvvvve it. Mostly the 20s to 30s crowd but I seem to remember being wayyyyyy over it by then. Then again, maybe that is just the old age memory problems setting in who knows?


Autrice DelDrago said...

I think you should do the Mariachi thing. I still want to find a pair of those pants!!!!!!!!!

You could always look into Blog Talk Radio. Your stuff is EXCELLENT! Would be good on air.