Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Morning Blah

It's Monday. Again.

This is technically the last full week of work for us, since we are going to be closed the week of Christmas, coming back to work a couple of days the next week, then off New Year's Day and Jan. 2.

Not for me.

The state moved our annual survey up from February to January 5, which is the first full week of work after the holidays, so that means I will be working when my other co-workers are at home, sleeping in, relaxing, having fun, etc.

Why, no, I'm not at all bitter about it.

The snow last week messed up my travel plans for work, so instead of traveling one day this week, I'll be away two days. Plus another day to go to an appointment with a client and a meeting for him on the same day.

Redneck is here. And that's fine, really. In the past couple of weeks, he's started staying on Sunday night and then just going to work on Monday.

But here's the thing: I've lived alone for a LONG time and I have little set routines, especially in the morning. I like to take my time getting ready, drinking coffee, watching (or listening) to the news, etc. and all of these things take place in my bedroom/bathroom.

Since Redneck does not have to get up at the crack of dawn, I have to do these things elsewhere which means I am perched on the couch in the living room. Which is ok, but vaguely unsettling. And when I get a shower and dry my hair, it's with the bathroom door closed so the noise doesn't wake him up. Same for putting on makeup.

I know that it's just a matter of getting used to a new routine but I'm struggling with it a little. Mornings are a struggle anyway because I rarely actually want to be up and moving and that makes it a little harder. It doesn't help that I'm envious of being able to sleep until you wake up. I know that he pays for that perk by having to work in the afternoon and evening when I'm at home in my pajamas, but let's not bring any silly logic into this, ok?

In other news, Rockboy and his girlfriend put up the tree on Saturday night. So far, Speedbump has stayed out of it, but I figure that will change as soon as she has the house to herself.

Christmas shopping is done and wrapping has commenced. Almost everything is in a box which will make it a lot easier for wrapping - nothing with a weird shape. I think opening wrapped stuff is more fun but I also admit to being lazy and using gift bags to just get the whole wrapping thing over with. That won't happen this year because I don't actually have bags that the boxes would fit in. I figure if I do one or two a day, I'll be done in no time with a minimum of pain and whining.

Crap. It's almost 6:30. I've got to get ready for work.


heather said...

chic? bitter? nooooo! ;)
i hear you on the morning routine bit. that's one of the things i dislike the most about being married with a kid. i ~love~ my alone time. i like being able to do things at my own pace without having to worry about being considerate of someone elses sleep time. (not that j's so good at that. i swear, that man makes more noise than a bull in a china shop)
i disagree about the wrapping of gifts though. i like wrapping things, making each one different with an assortment of customised bows, ribbons and gift tags. (i start with store bought bows but a pair of scissors, some imagination and a 'why the hell not' attitude can change them into something completely different.)
i'm more of a 'let's get this crap outta the way' kinda person when it comes to doing stuff i don't like to do. that is, once i get started. lol
good luck with it, and in case we don't cross paths again between now and then, have a good christmas and new year.

Roadchick said...

Heather~ Yeah, I forgot that part - when he comes in late and I'm already in bed, he's not really very quiet at all. And will open the bathroom door with the light still on, etc.
I don't like wrapping. I used pay a small cousin to do it. If I split it up, the resentment level is a lot less. When I say resentment, I mean teeth-grinding, cussing, I-Need-A-Drink type resentment.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Susan said...

I don't think I could live with someone again. I'm evil in the mornings.

Roadchick said...

Susan~ That's the one part of it that makes me a little nervous and then I think: that's stupid. You did it before and you can do it again - it's just a matter of getting used to it.

heather said...

hmmmn, take it you resolved your template issue?

Roadchick said...

Heather~ see the next entry.