Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year in Review

I'm totally stealing this idea from Autrice. Go visit her HERE.

Autrice says, "Annie is too clever for my own good. She found this fabulous idea for reviewing our year. "You simply write the first line of the first post of each month. Include a picture if you like and, voila, you have your year in review." Visit There is no place like home. You can also share it at My Romantic Home, which Annie found as well."

(Since I'm that lazy, I even stole the explanation of how to do this but I was much to lazy to do all the linking to Annie, There Is No Place Like Home, or My Romantic Home. If you're interested [and you should be] visit Autrice and make free and liberal use of her linking abilities!)

Roadchick's 2008


Over the Festive Season, the 'chick's laptop had a little accident - it wound up on the hardwood floor.


After a long stretch of hibernating, the 'chick finally left the house and did some shopping this weekend.


If it weren't for bad luck, the 'chick would have no luck at all.


Blogging can be very interesting sometimes.


Y'all, it's been Thursday for four days.


Redneck has informed the 'chick that this weekend, they will be going camping.



It's a holiday weekend which means the 'chick was released from work early, at 1:00.


If you look to the right, you will see that the 'chick has added a link to something called Roadchick Reviews.


It's September, isn't it?


I've been silent for a while now, and it's not that I've forgotten to write although I have been busy.


I have managed to catch a cold.


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

In conclusion, all I can say is: I'm sorry that I have had such a lame-sounding year and that really, I am more interesting than this recap would prove.

Anyway - Happy New Year, y'all. Have fun and be safe!

See you in 2009!


heather said...

love the new look. i've got a bit of tweaking to do before i change mine.
love the post idea as well, i just may do this when i get home tonight. :)
have a good new year's eve chick.

Susan said...

I love the new look too! I'm going to try to write a year end review but yeah...busy busy.

I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!

Annie said...

Hi Roadchick. I'm Annie, the imp who dangled the carrot and got Autrice going. I've loved doing this year in review. It has led me down so many knew paths to follow and explore. Happy New Year!

Roadchick said...

Heather~ Thanks - I think I like the new look. I needed a change and I couldn't wait long enough to figure out how to use a couple other templates that were calling my name.

Susan~ Thanks - doing the year in review this way was actually pretty fast. I managed to do it (without messing it up) while I was on the phone.

Annie~ Thanks for stopping by. I loved the idea! And, it was easy - which is a good thing for me these days!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Autrice DelDrago: said...

I think you had a better year than I did! haha. I love the new look as well. Thanks for linking back to me.