Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Day in the Life

I'm Tired. Tired-With-A-Capital-T. The kind of tired that makes the back of your neck ache a little and makes you wonder if it's too much trouble to breathe.

I would like to go home now, snuggle into my corner of the couch, and knit on my sock. (Knitting on a sock is simple - it's just round and round - no thinking involved. Mindless, for a vanilla sock with no texture.)

I would like to watch some decorating show on HGTV or something on BBC America and eat junk food and just relax. And knit on my sock.

I'm tired of working. I'm tired of typing (and yet, here I am - typing), I'm tired of solving problems and dealing with issues.

I would like to order a massive cheese pizza for dinner and have full-sugar Coke with it. And brownies afterward. With ice cream and maybe some hot fudge.

And then, I would like to put my pajamas on and Go. To. Bed.

And just sleep.

What will actually happen is - I will continue typing, solving problems, and dealing with issues. Then I will go home, deal with whatever is going on there, do some laundry or clean a bathroom, run some errands, do some more typing, deal with more issues and problems for work, and then be unable to fall asleep until it's almost time to get up again, at which point, I will say the hell with it and just stay up, after catching maybe 2 hours of sleep.

God, I need a vacation. Me and my sock.


Susan said...

I want some socks! I love socks.

I'm working on a scarf and an afghan. One of them takes a little bit more thought than the other. The problem is whenever I work on either I fall asleep.

Hopefully people will leave you be and you can get some rest this weekend.

Autrice DelDrago: said...

Can I borrow your knitting knowledge? I can't knit a thumb warmer let alone an entire sock.

Roadchick said...

Susan~ Be careful what you wish for. I wind up giving away most of what I knit.

Autrice~ Sure. Knitting is actually pretty easy. Only 2 stitches, believe it or not. It has the added benefit of putting me into a zen-like state. Many people appreciate that.

liz said...

You MUST be tired. It's been two weeks since you've posted!

Roadchick said...

Liz~ Hell, I thought you were in a coma or DEAD. Talk about a hiatus! *g*

Marion said...

Yo, Roadchick. I have knit that exact sock, the very one pictured on your blog,and I have to tell you that I understand your longing for it. Having that sock to come home to some days was all it took to pull me through. For me, it's on the short list of what a girl needs.

Roadchick said...

Marion~ Thanks for stopping by! I'm thisclose to finishing the second one and it's actually a wearable pair (sometimes they are not, due to sizing issues). And, without any trying on my part - the stripes match on both socks.