Monday, July 24, 2006

Lost in Confusion

Roadchick admits it - she does not understand men. And she's asking for your help.

During the past couple of weeks, Roadchick has gone out with a couple of guys that on the surface were, Very Nice People. A good time was had by all. Enjoyment was the word of the day (or night). Frolic and frivolity. Dinner, caves, movies, motorcyles, swimming pools, movie stars. Well, no movie stars - Roadchick was carried away with the Beverly Hillbilliness of it all.

Roadchick has NOT been pushy. Roadchick has NOT been clingy. Roadchick has NOT registered for wedding gifts at Club Wed at Target. Roadchick has NOT even asked the fatal question, "When are we going out again?" Roadchick has been a good date. Roadchick understands that most of the people on eHarmony are chatting up other folks at the same time - she certainly is! But does talking to a new(er) person mean that you don't have to talk or email ever again with someone that you seemed to have a good time with?

Roadchick has followed up with a thank you email. She has used her Good Manners. She was not freaky weird in the emails. She mentioned that she enjoyed the evening and thanks for everything. She was friendly but not gushy. She expressed an appropriate level of interest for the timeframe involved. (See above: Not Registering For Wedding Gifts.)

Roadchick does NOT understand when manners went out the window. She has not heard from either of the gentlemen. Roadchick is not hideous, scary, weird, or socially retarded. In fact, both of these men told Roadchick, to her face, unprompted by leading questions, that she is pretty and has beautiful eyes. Both of these guys laughed when Roadchick was funny and appeared to be making an effort to impress Roadchick. There was EFFORT involved, people!

Roadchick is beginning to think it's just another plot by the Man to keep a Good Sister down.

So, Roadchick is asking YOU, Patient Reader, to give her some feedback. What's up with the guys? Why no contact? Do you know? Can you ask a Man in your life what the deal is?