Friday, July 07, 2006

Motel Stories

Y'all, Roadchick is trying a little something new. You may have noticed in the sidebar, there is a link to a website called "Sunday Scribblings". She is scribbling. Actually, she's been watching the site and this challenge called her name. Because, Patient Reader, Roadchick was in the hotel business. And y'all know there are stories there.

Working in the hotel business is definitely interesting. Just all the different people that you come in contact with during the course of a day make it interesting.

People have asked Roadchick if the stories are true - all the weird things that you hear about people staying at a hotel. Yes, people, the stories are true.

A few entries from files of the weird:

Once upon a time, a large manufacturer was building a plant in a nearby town and Roadchick's hotel was the closest lodging. Many, many executive-type men came and stayed. Executive-types in suits and ties with leather briefcases and cell phones. Professional men. One man, rather high ranking within said corporation was a frequent guest. He never gave off that "caution" vibe that causes hotel employees' antennas to vibrate like the robot on "Lost In Space" - danger, Will Robinson, danger!
Mr. Man called the desk and requested additional towels one fair afternoon. The housekeeper was called and took a stack of snowy towels to the room. The door was slightly ajar - not an unusual turn of events. The housekeeper knocked gently and was told to come in. When she entered, she saw Mr. Executive, clad in nothing but a blanket wrapped around his neck like a cape, jumping up and down on the bed, singing, "Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!" When Roadchick asked her what she did, she replied, "I put the towels on the chair and left."

Then there is the lost and found closet. This is always an interesting place. Y'all, it's AMAZING the things that people leave behind. Things you would think they'd miss before getting out of the parking lot - glasses, keys, wallets, luggage, false teeth. And then there are those items that you would think people would be SURE to take with them - porn mags, sex toys, and other such assorted goodies.

And, Patient Reader, Roadchick has discovered that people, when staying away from home, are pigs. Not all, but a great many of them. Mud on shoes = mud on carpet. Trash everywhere except the trash can. And we won't even discuss the bathroom. Y'all, if you're a guilty party - shame on ya. We always wondered if people lived like that at home and figured that yes, some do.

But along with the funny and the bad, there is the sweet as well. While Roadchick was working there, there was a crew of guys from Mexico that stayed for a long time - about 8 months. They were learning to operate a manufacturing plant that was being transferred to Mexico. They watched out for Roadchick on the nights she was there alone, after midnight. They brought her dinners and lunches. They kept her company and played backgammon. They allowed her to practice her very bad Spanish while they improved their already good English. And they celebrated their first ever Thanksgiving with the crew from the hotel. All the crew members from the hotel made food at home and brought it in. The Mexican guys brought a guitar and sang. And it was one of the loveliest Thanksgivings that Roadchick has ever had. Because those guys were grateful to spend the day with us, and learn about American customs.

So, Roadchick looks back fondly on those days and sometimes she misses them. No two days were ever alike.

But, it also means that Roadchick can do a MEAN housekeeping inspection and she is not too forgiving of nasty hotel rooms that she checks into these days. But, she always leaves the room clean and the trash in the can and takes ALL of her personal items with her.

What? Oh, Roadchick knows what y'all are thinking and shame on you. She meant shampoo.


Kamsin said...

Ha, ha! Great post! I love the Batman story, there are definately some "interesting" people out there!

Jessie said...

From the second I read "once upon a time." I just sorta settled in and enjoyed your stories. And dang--what interesting stories they are!

The Batman and Thanksgiving stories were the best and I love the postcard photo! I loved it!

paris parfait said...

Great hotel stories, from an insider's perspective! Terrific.

Michelle said...

I love this. The Mexican guys sound great. I once hosted a "Thanksgiving Dinner" for 40 in Mexico. It was the best Thanksgiving ever.

alyndabear said...

Hiya, and what a great first Sunday Scribbling.

I read your recounts with laughter, the strange things people do! And how lovely was your Thanksgiving story? Very heart warming.

Must have been a wonderful industry to work in - and an interesting one.

Thanks for a great read!


Pacian said...

You know, I keep thinking about (ahem) 'Batman'. I always have believed that truth is stranger than fiction.

And the way you tell that story about thanksgiving, it seems so touching. Thank you for writing this.

yak attack said...

I can relate. I worked as a motel maid my first year of college. Most remarkable item left was a bra with $200 in it! They DID come back and claim it. Thanks for sharing.

Going For Greatness said...

Ahh there's nothing like hearing from the inside that those stories ARE true! HA!
Sounds like a kick-@ss time in life for you and I think I would have equally loved it!