Monday, October 16, 2006

Blame It On The Nyquil

After spending the weekend in a Nyquil-induced haze, the 'chick is back - at least somewhat.

Sunday was spent in bed, watching 8 hours of Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav. Y'all, this is not normally something that Roadchick would do. She blames it on the Nyquil. However, Nyquil did make the entire series infinitely amusing.

The 'chick got sucked into it...couldn't tear her eyes away and watched it to the thrilling conclusion to see who Flav was going to choose to be his new amour. Y'all, it was Deelishious. New York was scorned for the second time after being invited to re-join the show midstream. Hee!

Roadchick has to state for the record that she is somewhat alarmed that all this really started to matter to her yesterday. Couldn't Flav see that New York was a scheming, conniving biatch? Who was out to control his life, just like her mother? Would he figure it out in time? Would the camera crew tip him off that in her little personal asides she was saying things like: I'll let him think he's in control.

Drama, people...drama.

So, it's Monday, and the Flavor of Love drama is over except for the reunion show coming up next weekend. Roadchick sincerely hopes that she'll be over it all by then and not tune in, but the previews showed a fight worthy of Jerry Springer so it's entirely possible that she'll be glued to the TV next weekend too.

She blames it on the Nyquil and a massive case of Medicine Head.

The 'chick hopes that y'all had a more productive weekend than she did. Actually, she's pretty ashamed of herself for indulging in 8 hours of Love. Let's not mention this again.