Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Happy October, y'all.

October is Roadchick's favorite month of the year for several reasons. The first reason is...it's finally cooling off and the humidity, for the most part, is GONE. Another reason the 'chick loves October is because the leaves are starting to change. The colors are phenomenal and by the end of the month, it's going to be absolutely gorgeous here.

Now, the two most important reasons that Roadchick LOVES October:

1. Her birthday is at the end of the month.
2. Halloween is also at the end of the month.

It's hard to decide which of these two makes the 'chick more excited.

The 'chick actually, usually, enjoys her birthday even though all the milestone ones have passed. Or, at least the milestone ones that are enjoyable like turning 16 and getting a driver's license...turning 21 and getting drunk....turning 25 and having the car insurance rates go down....you get the idea.

So, her birthday. This year to be spent in Gatlinburg, TN with Redneck. Awww. Roadchick has lived in Tennessee for about 14 years now and has never been to Gatlinburg. There was talk about her citizenship being revoked for such sacrilege. That little oversight will be remedied before the month is out.

And, Halloween. Y'all, this is most probably the 'chick's favorite holiday because there are no expectations and nothing is required of her. That, and it's very very close to her birthday. Close. Since the 'chick loves Halloween so much, she has a pretty good collection of Halloween decorations and once she gets her lazy butt in gear, pictures will be taken and posted for your voyeuristic enjoyment. (Edited: Assuming, of course, that BLOGGER allows her to post pictures ever again.)

In the meantime, the 'chick's thoughts have turned to pumpkins. One pumpkin has already been carved by Rockboy as a surprise for his mama. Awww. Y'all, it has flames for a mouth. It's tough. There will be a picture (see above: getting her butt in gear). (Also see above: re: Blogger and the whole picture thing. Sheesh.)

Redneck took Roadchick pumpkin shopping on Saturday afternoon and after much comparing, a pumpkin was selected.

Today, while at work (and she is still at work), it occurred to the 'chick that she was a little tired of the usual pumpkin patterns that she's used for the past several years - witches, vampires, bats, etc. TO THE INNERNETS!

Roadchick has found her patterns. Roadchick is muttering incredibly bad words at Blogger for not uploading the pictures for you to see.

(Edited to add: Please see the apology at the end of the post for all the whining you have and are about to read about uploading pictures. Thank you.)

Anyway (sigh) Roadchick and Rockboy will have Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne gracing the front porch this festive season. Another pumpkin purchasing expedition will have to be planned.

You can look at the patterns at
The Pumpkin Wizard. Definitely worth a look although not all the patterns are free.

There are also some really cool patterns at Zombie Pumpkins. Again, not free, but not expensive either.

In related creepy news, Roadchick and Redneck were at a car show on Saturday. Redneck has a 1950 Chevrolet DeLuxe that used to be his daddy's and he takes it to shows occasionally. While at the show, Roadchick and Redneck were next to a lady that owned a really bitchin' Impala...year uncertain (Roadchick is uncertain, that is - Redneck would know immediately). The car was called the "Black Widow". Anyway, over the rearview mirror, there was a braid. Of human hair. Tied on both ends with a red, white, and blue ribbon. Just hanging there. HUMAN HAIR. In the Black Widow. Mysterious, no?

Finally, curiosity got the better of Roadchick and she asked Maxine (no joke) about it. All that Maxine would say was: It's from the days when I was racing.

This led Roadchick to wonder - was it Maxine's hair? Was it a competitor's hair? Whose hair is hanging from the rearview mirror? And WHY??? There are no answers to that one, folks. Sorry. File it with the Skull In The Basement story.

Post-scripted whining: Why Blogger? Why? Why do you not let the 'chick upload her lovely, funny pictures? Why? She has read the FAQ. She has read the Help files. She surely cannot be over her limit. This is not possible. Why? Oh why?

Post-post-scripted ....apology???: Thank you, nice Blogger for letting Roadchick finally upload her nice and funny pictures. Please to be enjoying.


tinker said...

Braided human hair dangling from the rearview mirror? *Shiver* Now that's a scary tail, I mean tale - it made my hair stand on end

Michael Thomas said...

That is THE perfect Halloween anecdote. The true ones are always the ones that give you that twinge deep down in your gut, like something tweaking at the periphery of your aura. Yipes.


Kim G. said...

My nine-year old guy loved the barfing pumpkin! He's been bugging me since September 1st to get him one to carve!

Pacian said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeew! Puking pumpkins!

Re. Hair: Start looking through the photographic records of races in your state to see if any of the competitors suddenly became bald...

Michael Thomas said...

Uploaded a Renfaire Halloween Teaser Pic

This Pirate's for the 'chick!

Autrice DelDrago said...

Can I please please please borrow the spewing pumpkin picture? ROTFLMAO.

Roadchick said...

Tinks: it made the 'chick's hair stand on end too. Yikes!

Michael: If y'all had seen Maxine, it would have been obvious that she is a woman that would stop at nothing to win a race...

Kim: Glad your little guy liked the pumpkin - Rockboy liked it too & he's 17

Pacian: There's a bit of research the 'chick thinks she'll just...put off. Ewww!

Autrice: Borrow away - the 'chick got that in an email or something & has no idea who gets the credit although there will be a puking pumpkin on the front porch at Chez Roadtrip this Halloween...right next to Ozzy.