Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Lawd, y'all, the 'chick apologizes for the lack of posting.

There is total brain-dead-ness going on and nothing really interesting happening unless you'd like to hear all about the 'chick's sinus infection.


Why not?

Oh, yeah - the whole TMI thing. Roadchick does not blame you.

In a moment of shameless self-promotion, the 'chick WILL tell you that her birthday is Friday, and she will be AWAY so there will be a lack of posting over the weekend. Party like it's 1999, y'all! Woo hoo!

(Note to crazy stalkers: No, she won't. And the attack cat is at home. And a moat full of alligators. Stay away.)

What? You wonder how that would be different than right now?

Well, um, it IS different, because you've been warned. Yeah, that's it.

Hopefully the lil weekend away will generate some stories that don't involve Kleenex, Nyquil, and sinus infections.

On a happier note, and without too much TMI, the 'chick finally did go to the doctor for the wretched sinus infection and is medicated to the MAX. Unfortunately, not with any sort of pharmaceuticals that have any street value whatsoever. Bummer.

So, the 'chick wishes you a Happy Pre-Halloween Weekend & she'll see you next week.


Pacian said...

Wish the 'chick happy birthday for tomorrow, if you see her.


Kim G. said...

Birthday blessings and get well wishes for the Chick on her special day! Have a great weekend!

tinker said...

Hope the 'chick has as much fun as is legal on her birthday! :-)

tinker said...

Hope the 'chick's just recuperating from ecstatically happy birthday partying. Just thought I'd stop by to say 'Hi!' before starting the NaNoWriMo. Hope all's well with you, Roadchick.

Neil said...

Have a great birthday. Hope you kick that nasal stuff out of your system by the big day!