Sunday, March 25, 2007

Goodwill Hunting

A new Goodwill store has opened a few blocks from the 'chick's house. Normally, members of the Roadtrip household are not much on shopping at thrift stores except for books or things like that. Digging through racks of previously worn clothing does not rate high on the fun-o-meter.

Last Saturday, Redneck and Roadchick made a trip to the new Goodwill store out of curiousity. There were no parking spaces left. People were parking in the road. Clearly, something good was going on.

It was the Grand Opening of the new store and in honor of the occasion, just about everything was 50% off their already low, low prices. People were carrying huge armloads of clothes. There were squalling children and strollers everywhere. (Did you know that you can buy wedding dresses at Goodwill? You can. However, you CANNOT buy underwear at Goodwill. This is a good thing.)

Redneck wandered off to the Men's Department to look for jeans. Roadchick strolled through housewares and books. Since Redneck was still picking through the racks, the 'chick headed to Women's to see if there was anything worthwhile. There was the usual Megamart-type crap but there were also a LOT of designer label item too. Intrigued, the 'chick dug a little deeper and started her own armload of clothes.

Several outfits later, she emerged from the racks and found Redneck wandering the aisles. He'd found a pair of brand new Levi's for $2.

The total bill for the excursion? $13.

Yesterday, Redneck and the 'chick returned. Once again - jackpot. The 'chick found two more skirts and a shirt and paid $5. Hard to say no to DKNY for $1.50.

It's entirely possible that next Saturday will find the 'chick hunting the racks again. Someone needs to start donating some Manolo's so the 'chick will have some new/used shoes to wear with her new/used clothes.


briliantdonkey said...

heading to mist's to steal her shoes, donate em to goodwill just for you. It will likely get me killed and I somehow doubt she will buy the "but it is for a good cause" excuse even at goodwill prices. Course it would probably help if I had a clue what the hell a manolo was. I thought it was some really bad boy band in the eighties.


Ariel said...

If they start having those shoes I need the exact address. Our goodwill stores always end up having clothes that look like they barely survived a college party. It's kind of a fun game of "guess the stain.."

fringes said...

We have a store called Fire Sale here. Something about when clothes are damaged due to nearby fire or flooding at a department store. I can't remember the reason for the name. Anyway, it's neat and clean and organized and yes designer duds for two bucks.

I stay away from the shoes. That's just bad karma waiting to be realized.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Yeeeeah used shoes? Same as undies for me. Just ew.

But DKNY for 1.50? *thud*

mist1 said...

You have just made a grave mistake. You never should tell people where to find a great bargain.

Heading to bd's now to leave threats and death wishes.

Roadchick said...

Donkey~ Wow, you have a death wish, don't you. It was nice knowing you.

Ariel~ Mist said the 'chick shouldn't have mentioned the place at all. Sorry.

Fringes~ Sounds like a place to get some smokin' clothes though.

S. Girl~ Welcome! The 'chick would make an exception for Manolos.

Mist~ True. But they also have a Do-It-Yourself torture kit on clearance that would work for BD.

bice said...

Funny... I get all my underwear from the dumpster out back of our local Goodwill store.

heather said...

bd is just trying to get out of painting ariel's bathroom mist. don't play into his plans. add guards over your shoes though if you feel that they are in any danger though. :-)