Thursday, December 28, 2006

Don't Forget Your Vitamins!

There is a heavy dose of irony going on in the 'chick's life at the moment. It comes from her heavy metal lifestyle.

The 'chick is off work this week. This is a standard happening because the agency she works for closes down for the week between Christmas and New Year's.

During a regular work week, the 'chick has to get up between 5 and 5:30 IN THE MORNING and get ready for work. Has to drop Rockboy and his carpool buddy off at school. Has to get herself across town to the interstate and then battle rush hour traffic. There are mornings when the 'chick feels like she has slain dragons by the time she makes it into her office in the morning. Most mornings, she would've given anything to be able to just sleep.

So, the 'chick is off this week.

(Wait for it - it's coming. . . )

Every morning that she has been off, she has woken up right around 7:00, just in time for the Early Show to start. She stayed in a bed a few of those mornings, trying desperately to go back to sleep but it wasn't happening. Granted, 7:00 is much better than 5:00, but still.

All this early rising has not been without benefit. Mornings when the 'chick wakes up and NEEDS to write are treasured. Although y'all are much too kind to say so, it's usually pretty evident when the 'chick is struggling for something, anything to say.

An idea for a book has presented itself. Unbidden. Unasked for. Lawd above, it might even be 'chick lit and who is better versed to write such a thing?

There is irony in the 'chick's life. She has an irony-rich diet.


fringes said...

Hey...thanks for visiting my blog and jumping in with comments. Too cool! Wow...I wish my job closed down for a week around the holidays. Try to sleep in tomorrow!

Kim G. said...

Go with it - use those early mornings to start that book. I'll look forward to reading it someday soon.

Happy New Year to you and the Roadies!

briliantdonkey said...

I know that feeling well. NOT the one of being off for a week around the holidays,,,,,,(enter several expletives I hope you don't take personally here) but waking up early when any other day you would kill to sleep in. Look at the bright side. If you slept in till noon you would just cuss yourself for wasting away so much of the day. Rut roh,,,,,you visited fringes place? Why do I foresee a nasty email from one(or both of you) in my near future?


mist1 said...

Careful. Too much irony can cause constipation.

Tinker said...

So wishing I'd thought of Mist1's comment...but really came here wanting to wish you a happy New Year - and now I need to wish you a happy new novel, too! The world needs more ironic 'chick lit.

Pacian said...

Irony or no, I hope you're steeled for the new year and all it may bring. Geddit?